Boot Camp Cardio For the Off-Days this week -

Boot Camp Cardio For the Off-Days this week


Jun 21

Cardio for the Off -Days during the week
If you need extra motivation to complete the off-day cardio exercises, comment below each
day you complete it.

Tuesday (Wedneseday for McKinney location) –
1  minute Slow – 1 Minute Medium – 1 minute Hard  10-15 sets

Thursday (Friday for McKinney location)
Jump rope (or jump rope in place)
1 minute of jump rope – 1 minute rest
Try getting 10 sets
10-15 minutes at medium pace after that

30 minutes at one pace. Try keeping the same pace for the entire 30 minutes. Maybe inbetween slow to medium. If you need to walk fast for some of it, try to go one minute fast walk and one minute of slow jog. Each of you will have your own speed but focus on staying at the same speed or  one speed for 30 minutes.

If it just says cardio, you do not have to worry about slow, medium, and fast. Just push yourself and get your heart going for that specific period of time.

If you want to know how to figure out what speed you are going with your fitness level, here is a simple way to figure it out.
Slow – easily carry on a conversation
Medium – can only say one or two sentences without having to catch your breath
Hard – Can not talk

Also, 30 mintues is the minimum you should be doing. We have put the off-day cardio workouts as doing a minumum of 30 minutes. You can decide to do longer workouts as it will only help in your progress. What we see, though, is people thinking 60 minutes is too long (that is what the USDA recommends each day for weight loss) so they jsut don’t workout. Finding at least 30 minutes those off-days to focus on your health is something that you should do. If you can add more time, great.

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