Boot Camp and Off-Day Cardio Workouts Week #2 -

Boot Camp and Off-Day Cardio Workouts Week #2

Workout Of The Day

Mar 07

Remember that you still need to make time for dymamic stretching (like we do before each boot camp session starts) before each workout and also static stretching (like we do to cool down after each boot camp session)

As Many Rounds As You Can in 15 min!
20/15/10 reps of each of the following = 1 RoundBurpees
Walking Lunges w/pvc or weighted bar (10, 8 or 5 on ea leg)

5 Minutes of Core work (include superman’s)

5 Minutes of Medium Pace
2 Minute Slow Pace
1 Minute of Jumping Jacks
That would complete 1 circuit. You then would start the 5 Min medium pace to begin the circuit again. Try completing 4-6 cictuits before finishing the workout.

1 Mile or half mile run – Record Times

10 min circuit
1 min Pillar Bridge
30/30 side pillar
1 min Peter Pan (on stomach, hands by hips)
1 Min Reverse Crunches
30sec /30 sec slow-fast bicycles
1 min jumping jacks
1 min jump rope in place (with or without jump rope)
1 min side to side (hopping or stepping)
1 min front to back (hopping or stepping)
1 min touch the sky
After 10 minutes
30 Sec Slow, 30 Sec Fast for 20-30 minutes

Go hard 1 minute, rest 1 minute, change exercise each set
3 rounds (Total of 8 min rounds)

  • Cardio Set  
  • Equalizer Pull-Ups 
  • Planks with hand touches or Push Ups 
  • Scissors