August Attendance Challenge Winners! -

August Attendance Challenge Winners!


Aug 28

Thanks to all who came to 8 or more sessions and SHOWED UP!

Everyone who came to 8 or more sessions will get some goodies from 2 boxes this week.
You get one product from each of the 2 boxes.

Box #1 – FitLine – Post Workout Shake – (
Box #2 – Choose One – either a Spark or Rehydrate

WINNERS FROM PRIZE POOL – We also picked winners from all the names from a pool of many prizes. There will be a box in the trailer to claim your prize.

Grand prize – Necklace from Let is Shine – Rachel Sosinski

Foam Roller – Sandy Tyndall Capps
$25 Tangerine Salon GC – Diana Sircar
$10 Salata GC – Bethany Gillam & Judy Whitehead
$20 J Macklins GC – Paul Hinkley
$10 J Macklins GC – Linda Lacinski
1 Session Cryo Coppell – Carol Narsutis & Carol Orlich
$10 Local Diner GC – Steve Moomau & Jennifer Murphy
GYIS T-Shirt – Suzzette Faith & Steve Sosinski
$45 Meal Replacement Shake – Carol Jackson
$20 Rehydrate – Dan Welty
$25 Spark – Gail Hagan
$7 Shaker Bottle – Paula Monzo & Karen Clancy
$5 Recovery Therapy Ball – Cindy Hendricks & Jamie Levine
$30 AbMat – Tim Rau

Because of the success in August we are going to continue the Attendance Throw Down each month.  For all the details and rules for the NEW Attendance Throw Down, please go to our BLOG POST >>>>> HERE.

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