Advocare's Herbal Cleanse - A great way to jump start any nutrition and fitness program. -

Advocare's Herbal Cleanse – A great way to jump start any nutrition and fitness program.


Apr 01
Advocare's Herbal Cleanse - Products of the Month


Product of the MONTH – Advocare’s Herbal Cleanse

This product is one of the KEY products in the first 10 Days of the 40 Day Challenge. I recommend starting with this product before any other product because it helps you get the most out of any nutritional program. Please contact Get You In Shape if you are ready to get started on a customizes plan to help with whatever health and fitness goals you may have. We have helped hundreds of people with all types of goals.

In our modern, fast-paced world full of pollutants, drugs and processed foods, it is easy for our body to accumulate toxins. Toxin build-up is, in fact, one of the main reasons we have low energy levels, poor skin tone and excess body weight. Toxin build-up is also a major reason why we have chronic illnesses. Herbal Cleanse helps rid your body of toxins, harmonize body processes and amplify the benefits of daily use of AdvoCare’s family of nutritional and skin care products.
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How does it work?
To look and feel great, we clean ourselves and our environment regularly. We wash our skin and hair, and brush our teeth daily. We wash our dirty clothes, vacuum the carpets, and even clean our automobiles regularly. So why not treat the inside of our body with at least the same level of respect and attention?
The proprietary formulation of herbal concentrates, vitamins and minerals in the Cleansing Tablets (days 1 to 7) help mobilize toxins from deep within body tissues. Cleansing also involves the removal of these wastes and toxins in a gentle and safe manner.
The unique components in the ProBiotic Restore Tablets (days 4 to 10) help to replenish and restore tissue integrity and metabolic stability. The nutrients, herbal extracts and concentrated friendly microflora help to restore intestinal and epithelial cell health throughout the body.

Fiber Drink is essential for elimination of wastes and toxins during the first 3 days of the System. During days 4 through 7, as cleansing is completed, seeding of friendly bacteria is encouraged by not using Fiber Drink.

Finally, on days 8 to 10 of Herbal Cleanse, Fiber Drink is reintroduced to shift the digestive tract into a higher gear of activity as well as to carry out the last remnants of waste residues.
How to use it?
Advocare’s Herbal Cleanse is designed to be used once every 90 days. For maximum effectiveness, it is important that AdvoCare’s Metabolic Nutrition System is not taken while using the 10 day cleanse and rejuvenation program of System 3-4-3.
The booklet enclosed with each Advocare Herbal Cleanse box gives a day-by-day guide on how to use each component.
Begin taking the Herbal Cleanse tablet on a Friday or Saturday evening, before bedtime, so that you relax for the first few days and allow your body to process the wastes that will be removed. Take one packet daily on days 1 through 7.
Take one packet of the ProBiotic Restore Tablets  upon rising, about 30 minutes before you consume any food, every day on days 4 through 10 of the program.
Take Fiber Drink  in the morning, with breakfast, or with your first meal of the day, 1 through 3 and 8 through 10 of the program.
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Because of the mobilization of toxins and their subsequent elimination, large amounts of clean, pure fluids (filtered water, herbal teas and diluted, fresh juices) and diluted vegetable broths are absolutely essential. Follow a diet plan which emphasizes light, healthy foods, and
scrupulously avoid all fried foods, junk foods and fast foods.
Start Herbal Cleanse at the beginning of a weekend. Or, simply plan to take a restful three-day home holiday while undergoing detoxification.
Stick with the program! Although some temporarily unpleasant side effects are possible, moving past these metabolic barriers will bring you to a new level of comfort and vitality. If you need help or want encouragement, be sure to contact the person from whom you purchased Herbal Cleanse for support and assistance.
How does it enhance Metabolic Nutrition?
Internal cleansing and rejuvenation purifies the body and clears the mind. With enhanced senses, increased mental capacity and amplified biochemical functioning, our daily metabolism is harmonized and fired up.
After a quarterly round of cleansing with Herbal Cleanse, the noticeable benefits of AdvoCare’s Metabolic Nutrition System  will move to a higher level. Imagine turning up the volume on your stereo when listening to your favorite piece of music. Herbal Cleanse helps to gently turn up the volume on your metabolism.
Cleansing and rejuvenating the body helps us enjoy a lean, clean feeling. The new height of well-being makes it less inviting to return to old lifestyle patterns which bring accumulation of toxins to our body. Achieving metabolic nutrition involves a lasting change in lifestyle practices, and the heightened sense of vitality and aliveness after a cleanse/rejuvenation cycle make it virtually impossible to return old patterns.
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Who can use Herbal Cleanse?
Herbal Cleanse is designed to be used by anyone interested in promoting optimal health. The System is especially helpful:
at the start of a healthy weight-loss program
if you are among the 80 million people who suffer from constipation
after you have finished using antibiotics
as part of a sports training and rehabilitation program
if you have recurring colds or flus
if you have fatigue, irritability, or experience mood swings
if you have problems losing body fat
as part of a comprehensive health promotion program

What other products work best with Herbal Cleanse?
Herbal Cleanse is designed primarily to be used by itself, while cycling off of the Metabolic Nutrition System and other fine AdvoCare products.
Additional intake of Antioxidant Plus and C-Grams can be a useful complement to Herbal Cleanse.
Immediately upon completing Herbal Cleanse, begin a new round of personal nutritional supplementation. Start with the Metabolic Nutrition System, enhanced with Antioxidant Plus, C-Grams and Fiber Drink.
Resume your intake of the other nutritional supplements you were using before taking the break to use Herbal Cleanse.
Renew your commitment to use the Performance Elite products to enhance physical activity and exercise training, and as a between-meal power snack.
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