24 Day Challenge - July 21st in Coppell -

24 Day Challenge – July 21st in Coppell


Jul 04

The 24 Day Challenge is a national program that has been sweeping across the country.  Get You In Shape has produced some amazing results through the program but we have not had an event this big. We are going to give away over $1000 worth in prizes to the winners of the challenge.
If you are serious about losing weight, feeling better, getting healthier, and being more productive at work, this program is for you. We only want those committed to achieving great results in 24 Days to sign up for this.

We will have the information on the 24 Day Challenge up on our website soon  but I wanted to give those that wanted to reserve a spot (we are only taking the first 30) to go ahead and do so. It does not mean you have to commit to it but it does mean you are interested in hearing more about the event and getting information when the website is up.

Sign below and you will be the first to get information
Here are the basics
What – 24 Day Challenge Contest
When – July 21st  7:00-8:45pm
Where – Coppell, TX

Don’t worry, your information is only for our use.

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