2014 Spring Break Week Information -

2014 Spring Break Week Information


Mar 03

Spring Break Boot Camp Workout

Remember, that we have off Spring Break. March 10th-March 14th. Here is the link that explains why we take off this week along with 3 other weeks throughout the year.

You have two options
1. Workout with us.
If you are in town and want to workout, the sessions are  $15 each and we are offering the 5:30am, 6:30am, and a 5:30 pm to anyone that want to come join us as we are off.
We will have a sign up sheet this week to make sure we get enough for each time we are offering to be able to offer that time.
You can bring cash or check anytime or you can also pay on OUR MERCHANT PAGE HERE. Just type in the amount of times you are coming (1 time = $15- 2 times =$30, 3 Times = $45) in the blank box at the top.

Here are the folks that have already 100% committed to paying and coming and the days you plan on coming. Email Brad @ GetYouInShape.com if you want to add your name to the list so we can plan. Just let us know which day or days you plan on coming and the time or times.  You can also sign up on Friday on our sign up sheet.
5:30am session commitments
Lauren Keeler (M-W), Alison Durkee (M), Terri Welty (M-W), Dan Welty (M-W-F), Mary Brown (M-W-F), Hal Armstrong (M-W-F), Lisa Armstrong (M-W-F), Daniella Centeno (M-W-F), Tanis Knelsen (M-W-F), Diana Gutierez (W-F), Russell Cowdrey (W-F), Karen McMahon (M-F), Stacy Edwards (M-W), Jeanette Bovenzi (W-F), Jason Joyce (M), Chrstapher Cruz (M), Dez Rose (W-F), Dawn Clarke (W-F), Todd Wilcox (W-F),

6:30am session commitments
Jamie Levine (M-W-F), Mariana Medrano (M-W-F), Tami Spears (M-W-F), Melis Jones (M-W-F), Jennifer Farris (M-W-F), Kathy Pendergast (M-W-F), Jocylyn Painatt (M-W-F), Vicki Hoerth (M-W-F), Catherine Walhood (M-W), Erin Mueller (W-F), Darla Jo Manning (M-W), Bill Keating (M-W), Michelle Voelker (M-W), Susan Wilson (F), Kristen Hyden (F), Blayne Wunschel (F), Meredith Adams (F), Jamie Schultz (F), Michelle Schultz (F)

5:30pm session commitments
Pam Michel (M-W-F), Kathy Eells ((M-W-F), Bryan Eells (M-W-F), Pat McDaniel (M-W-F), Candy York (M-W-F), Lisdsey Guderian (M-W-F), Salela Pjetrovic, (M-W-F), Laruen Levine (M-F), Ivette Rosinski (M-W), Carla Cassie (M-W), Indira Guizetti (M-W), Joyce Reece (M-W), Susan Gonzales (M-W), Paula Monzo (M-W) Scott Gardner (M), Alicia Garner (M), Jane Smith (W).

2. Workout on your own with the tools we have made for you. For those of you who are not going to be working out, we still want you to workout on your own or someone. 1. Workout on your own using one of our many workout options we give you on our traveling workout blog here. It’s packed with plenty of information but we have also added 2 tools on this blog below for you to use. So you have plenty of “stuff” to help you keep going although we are “off”.

Below are some helpful tips to stay on your “A Game” as we are off a week. We have also took the guesswork out and put together a week’s work of workout for you with 3 boot camp style workouts and 2 cardio workouts.

Click Here for Workouts

We are going to be using our Facebook Face page to help keep you motivated and accountable.

Tips for making this a positive week for you:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast EVERYDAY – this would include a well-balance breakfast (protein, carbs, and fats)
  2. Drink a lot of water – try drinking when you get up, before and after meal, and throughout the day.
  3. Eat 5-6 times – Breakfast, mid-morning snack, healthy lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and a healthy dinner (optional evening snack)
  4. Fiber and Protein – Eat plenty of fiber and protein because they will help with cravings and metabolism.
  5. Exercise – Even though I/we are not working you out this week, do not let that stop YOU from pushing through the week off.
  6. Workout with OTHERS – Get a friend or a few friends to help encourage, inspire, and motivate you this week. Your spirits will be up and your heart will too.
    Many of the these exercises can be found on both of the tools we have given you. Click on the Red link below for the exercises.
  7. POST HOW THE WORKOUT IS ON THE BLOG (We will have a Blog post that you can comment) or on our Fan page of Face Book (Get You In Shape)! It will help keep you motivated when you don’t want to work out.
    Get You In Shape Program
    Get You In Shape Workout Workbook

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