Referral Program for Dallas Program -

Referral Program for Dallas Program


Aug 17

Dallas Boot Camp
We are bringing out referral program that we use for our Coppell Boot Camp to the Dallas location. We started the program because we kept having people come back after one month, after two months, and three months, and so on. This tells us that these participants are lifers in our program and we wanted to let them earn discounts on our program. They love the class and so it would be easy for them to share with other how much they love the class.
What is the referral Program?
For each person you help refer to join our program, you get 10% off your next boot camp. You get 5 of your friends to join, you get 50 % off your next boot camp. Get 10 friends to join, FREE! It only counts for the next month of boot camp but each month you can get more and more people to help your fee be less and less.
What can you do to get your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family to join with you?
1. Pass out our Free Boot Camp Flyers – You can take as many as you like. We have a Free Boot Camp Session twice a month which helps give people an idea of what type of program they would get. We have a HUGE success rate from people who come. You can pass these our or mail them with a personal story and the next few dates of the free session. I can help anyone who would like to send something to their neighbors as I have some marketing materials that would help get them interested. (you have probably seen houses sold on your street and the Agent sends you a letter with their information. This works with our program because it is local!)
2. Let us speak at group you are involved with –  Let Get You in Shape come speak to a group you are involved with about health and wellness. We can also offer everyone there a free boot camp trial class for those interested. You will get 10% off for each person who signs up.
3. Let us do a lunch and learn at your work – We have done a lot of lunch and learn with 30 minutes of quick tips on health and nutrition topics. We will also then give our Free Boot Camp Session handouts and sign up anyone interested in checking a session out. Again, for each person that signs up, you will get 10% off the next session.
4. Use our Newsletters – Our email newsletters have really been a hit and gotten a lot of people to join our program. You can forward it on to your friends, family, neighbors, and with a personal story.
5. Use Your imagination! Since we are doing the referral program for you and so YOU can get more of a discount on the next boot camp for getting others to join, YOU can use your imagination.

The only thing the referral need to do it put down on the profile sheet that the found out about the class through you. This lets us know that you were the one that referred them to our program and they just did not find out about through the building or online.