Coppell Trainer Tip, Workouts, and information about Dec week #3 -

Coppell Trainer Tip, Workouts, and information about Dec week #3


Dec 10

Trainer Tip of the week – Here is an inspiring story that I had to share with you.

Client Christmas Appreciation Party – Pictures are here from the event along with Awards.

Weather and being inside – Just as a reminder, we use the as our source to let us know how cold it is. We are inside if it’s 38 degrees or under. Outside if it’s 29 degrees or over. If for some reason the CARC is closed, we will certainly let you know before hand. This is another reason we are adding the Facebook Secret Page (see below) will be helpful as it will be real time information we can use.

Anyone like to Carol? GYIS client Belinda Fernandez wanted to me pass along the evite for the Caroling they are having this Friday night. Here is the evite.

Workouts this weekHere are the workouts for the third week. We go M-W-F and Saturday this week.

3 or 6 month options – If you are not on our 12 month option, please read this section as it contains information you need to be aware of. Each of you should have received a few letters by now but we just wanted to make sure everyone knew about our slight rate increase and how you can lock in your “old rates”.  Here is a quick letter that explains it more. Here is our current commitment form in which you have until December 17th to turn it in.

2013 Changes and additions – If you were not able to make the Client Party, we went over a few key things happening in our program and that will happen in our program in 2013.
1. Losing a teammate – Long time client and awesome trainer Julie Smith is moving on to the next step in her life. She will be putting more time and effort into learning and studying for her master’s degree. Next Friday will be her last day with us. So please share your love and appreciation to her over the next few weeks. We have been very blessed to have her on our team and she will be missed.
2. Facebook Secret Group – We know not everyone uses facebook but the majority of people at least have an account and we are going to use this as a tool for 2013 to help you.
The private group will be used as a way we can all communicate with each other in real time. Share ideas, share tips, share challenges, share accomplishments, share goals, and more. I already know it will be a key component to many of our clients and am looking forward to it. If you are not already, you will need to become friends with Coppell Boot Camp on facebook before January 1st when we launch it. If you are not on Facebook, you may look into it just to be a part of this group.
3. Other 2013 additions – As you know, we have and continue to add things that puts you in an environment that will help you succeed. So our goal is to continue to add contests, events, tools and more to do just that.

January Calendar – January  Accountability Calendar.

Dates and Events Coming up
December 15th –
Saturday Camp 7am or 8am
December 21st  –
Last Day of camp
December 22nd
Monthly 5k @8am for all GYIS clients.
January 2nd – Start of New Year Session
January 8th –
New Year – New You 24 Day Challenge Sign Up Here

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