One Week Sale on Energy and Appetite Control -

One Week Sale on Energy and Appetite Control


Mar 05

One Week Sale

If there is 2 things that we hear over and over again about why it’s hard sticking to a program. One would be appetite control and the other is people just don’t have the energy. We are going to give you a one week sale on Advocare’s top 2 products that help with this. Please read below as it has all the information you need to know.
We are limiting this sale to the 15 people to respond, so please let us know fast.

1. Must be a Get You In Shape Boot Camper to get this huge discount on the products.
2. Must purchase a month supply (this helps you get awesome nutrition consistently for one month )
3. Can only get a one month supply for yourself , meaning you can not by 2 or 3 months worth at this discount.
4. There is a limit of 2 of each product per person.
5. If you are not going to participate in this please do not purchase for someone else that is already purchasing at the discount.
6. Only have this week to purchase and get them (March 5th-March 9th)
7. Payment with cash or check
8. We are limiting this to only 15 people so the first 15 to respond will get the take advantage of the sale.

The top two products that Advocare offers that help with energy and appetite control  (that we also use for out 24 Day Challenge) are the Metabolic Nutrition System and Spark.

Product #1 Metabolic Nutrition System

Metabolic Nutrition System Vitamins. There are three difference formulations and we can help point you to which one we think is best for you but we did want you to take a look at them.MNSMax3

It’s important to know that each of the Metabolic Nutrition System’s all have the same formulations. Each of them have
1. ProBiotic Restore which is going to help keep your
immune system strong and help continue to get rid
of the bad bacteria.
2. OmegaPlex – THis is the wonder pill we have promoted because of all the benefits it provides to you on a daily basis.
3. Core Multi-vitamin – 33 essential vitamins that help
fill in those nutritional gaps to help ensure you are getting
what your body needs consistently over a period of
14 days.
4. Appetite Control – Each has a some ingredients in there
that help with controlling our portions and also with
different cravings.
5. Energy or Metabolic Enhancers – Each have ingredients that will help boost
your energy and help you get off the couch and do something.

Click in the Links Below to see which one you may want to go with
The MNS 3 has more vitamins in there for total wellness
The MNS C has more vitamins in there for Appetite Control
The MNS E has more vitamins in there for more energy.

One Month Retail Price for Metabolic Nutrition System = $91.90
One Week Sale = $60  Savings of $31.90

Product #2 Spark

Spark is one of the main reasons why Advocare has Drew Bree’s as their National Spokesman.

This will help clear the cobwebs out of your brain. It’s a great nutritional alternative to the other stuff out there that you may be paying a high price for energy each day.
Below is a good comparison
Flavors are Fruit Punch, Mandarin Orange, Grape, Pink Lemonade, Mango Strawberry and Cherry.

One Month of Spark Retail Price – $46.90
One week Sale Price – $30 Saving of almost $17

Want both
one Month Supply of Vitamins and Spark Retail Price = $138.80
One Week Sale for both  = $85 (savings of $53.80)

Here are your options again
1. 2 boxes of Vitamins  = $60
2. 2 Boxes of Spark       = $30
3. 2 boxes of each          = $85

How to order?
Email me and let me know what you want
Look at the different formulations of vitamins and flavors of spark
We will bring the orders on Wednesday and Friday to boot camp.

What if you are already a member of Advocare in our boot camp and already get a discount? You can still take advantage of the sale but we do ask that you keep it to a month supply.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.