Workouts for Week #1 of August Boot Camp

Workout Of The Day

Aug 01

Make sure you take 6-10 minutes to do dynamic stretching (like what we do at the beginning of each boot camp) before starting your cardio workouts . Make sure you take 6-10 minutes to do static stretching at the end of each workout.
Feel free to get some core exercises (from the Get You In Shape Workout Workbook)

Monday – Boot Camp workout #1
Tuesday – Interval training
If out side – 1 min at you slow pace, 1 min at your medium pace, 1 minute at your fast pace.
That would be one set or round and then you would just start back over with 1 min slow, 1 min medium, 1 min at you hard pace
If at gym –  use the above times for any of the cardio equipment. You can do 3-5 sets on each equipment
If at home – 1 Minute on 1 minute rest (or walk in place)
1 Min of Jumping Jacks – Rest or walk in place 1 min
1 Min of Jump rope in place (without the jump rope) – Rest or walk in place 1 min
That would be 4 total minutes. Repeat until time is done

For all workouts shoot for at least 30 minutes. Go as long as 45 minutes. Remember to have a warm up and cool down (see top of post)

Wednesday Boot Camp #2

Thursday – 30-45 minutes at your Slow pace. If you are only walking, you do want to walk fast

Friday – Boot Camp #3

Saturday – BootCamp 4 Backpacks  for those who want to participate – Event information and sign up is at
IF you are not participating you can choose from any of the off-day workouts over the last few months Clicking Here