Workout of the day's Week #4 -

Workout of the day's Week #4


Apr 25

With our last week of the April Boot Camp, we are trying to step it up a notch.
So give it your all in the workouts and on the off-day cardio. Remember to have a 5-10 warm up cool down on your off-day workouts. You can also step it up and add some cardio to each day to help but you still need to follow the Get You In Shape Program as far as the nutrition goes.

Monday Tabata Madness
Fun colorful band (slow lateral walk)  – Ab Mats – Push ups – Squat thrusters

Tuesday –  We have our Mile run on Wednesday
I want you to focus more time to warming up and stretching.
Core work -1 minute each – Pillar Bridges, Supermans, Side Pillar Bridges, Kneeling Opposites, Pillar Bridges

Cardio – 1 minute each  – rest 30 seconds in between –
1. Jumping Jacks  2. Jump Rope in Place  3. Side to Side  4. Front to Back  5. Touch the Sky
Slow Pace 3 Minutes  Medium Pace 3 Minutes for 10-20 minutes

Wednesday – Mile run for time

Interval Training  2 Slow 2 Medium 2 Fast – 30-45 minutes

Friday Tennis Ball workout??? :Last day – Prizes for Sharing your boot camp story – CLick Here for info

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