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Workout of the Day – Boot Camp

Workout Of The Day

Jun 04

Workout of the Day

5 Pull ups with Equalizer
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Complete one cercuit and see how many circuits you can get in 10 minutes.

How many did you do? We will be doing workouts so you can measure your progresss.
So comment below how many circuits you did. Also comment what you ended on.
Example would be 6 circuits and 8 pushups.

You can also leave any comments as to how hard it was.

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Francis June 23, 2010

I did 8 circuits

Megan Wright June 9, 2010

I did 7 circuits

Meredith Adams June 8, 2010

I did 8 full circuits plus the pull-ups and push-ups for a 9th. I agree – the push-ups were the deal breaker! Did NO push-ups from plank…

Robin Woodby June 7, 2010

I did 10 circuits ONLY to prove I could stay up with SPENCER!!! ha ha Probably will never be able to do that many again as I can’t raise my arms over my head!!!

Jenna C June 7, 2010

I did a full 7…whoo hoo!

Patti Davis June 7, 2010

Did 7 circuits plus 5 pullups and 10 push ups and felt the pain on Saturday!

Beverly Kiefner (French) June 7, 2010

I really like how you have been pushing us with the new work outs (well, I don’t like them at the time of the workout – : ) but afterwards)I completed 6 full circuits!!

Pat Knutson June 6, 2010

Great variety on our workouts – you really push us to be better. Got 6.5 and hope to do better.

Jeremy June 6, 2010

6 complete…to pushups in #7.

Lindsay June 6, 2010

6 and 5 pull-ups. Hats off to you 7,8 and 9’ers. Though I am always anxious to hear what the circuits will be – I do enjoy them more than the running cardio. 🙂

Michelle Yates June 6, 2010

I completed 5 1/2! I was really trying to concentrate on form.

Chiffon June 6, 2010

I did 8 and half.. Im still in pain thank you

Bill Keating June 5, 2010

I did 5 airsquats short of 8 but I finished the set even after time

Joann Davis June 5, 2010

I did 7 circuits and 5 pull ups yesterday. The push ups wiped me out after a few circuits.

Hasina June 5, 2010

6 circuits + 2 pull ups!! the push ups were particularly hard for me which slowed down my pace. But it was great!!

Cyndi Eckert June 5, 2010

I thought I did 6 complete sets, but heard another person say 7, and I thought we were about the same pace. I’ll go with 6, and that way there should be improvement for sure next time, ha!

Michelle June 5, 2010

I only did 6 full circuits and got through 5 pullups and only 3 pushups on my 7th circuit. Great workout but I am SORE today!!!

Tom B June 5, 2010

I completed 9 circuits plus 5 pull-ups then about vomited! A bit sore today!

jenny June 5, 2010

6 full sets

Mary Brown June 5, 2010

I did 1 squat short of 7 sets
Bill did 5 1/2 sets (trying to use good form)
I like these workouts whether singly or the group form
New goal: try to do more full pushups, not on knees (watch the number of sets drop)

Angela Barta June 5, 2010

I did 8 circuits. Great workout!

Lauren Levine June 5, 2010

I did 9 circuits. I liked the excercises.

Jamie Levine June 5, 2010

I did 8 circuts. I liked the work out and I can really feel it today!

Erin McCan June 5, 2010

I did six. One of these days I’ll beat my mom!

Pat June 5, 2010

6 or 7. After 4 it was all a blur…. 🙂

Janet Fetsch June 5, 2010

I did 7 as well. Thanks for mixing things up!

Carla Caisse June 4, 2010

Put me down for 7! Cheers!

Susan Gonzales June 4, 2010

I did 5 circuits and 5 pull-ups—way to go to those that completed 7, 8 ++ !!! Great workout, thanks guys!

Jane Smith June 4, 2010

I completed 7 circuits and the pull ups and pushups in set 8. Great workout!!!! Thanks…Julie was great!

Mahab Elahi June 4, 2010

I did 5 complete circuits and 5 pull ups. It was intense but fun!

Julie Smith June 4, 2010

I completed 8 full circuits, plus the pull ups and push ups in set 9. My arms are burning. The leg workout today was great too. Thanks!

Chris Mayhan June 4, 2010

7 circuits ended with 5 pushups. I could use some help to master those pullups correctly. I am enjoying they way you mix up the work outs:)

Julie McCan June 4, 2010

I did 8 sets plus 2 pullups! Push ups are killers particularly if you are doing them from plank. After 2 sets I had to go to my knees. Great workout!!

Karen McMahon June 4, 2010

I thought I did 9 full sets but now I’m worried that I miscounted. So…8 at least! I like the intensity and continuity of these 10 minute circuits. Great class!!

Dany Decell June 4, 2010

Brad/julie – another awesome workout of sticky sweat mixed with OFF. 9 total sets and 5 pull ups. Keep pushing us to do different things.

Christi June 4, 2010

I did 6 circuits, 5 pullups and 10 pushups. Really like the circuit and relay workouts. Would have preferred more pullups and fewer pushups. Squats were easy so they were my rest time.

Kathleen Purches June 4, 2010

I forgot to count!! If I had to guess I would say somewhere between 8-10

Jen June 4, 2010

8 circuits total (ended 5 seconds before time called)

It was hard! But good. 🙂 Push-ups were particularly hard after a few circuits.

elisabeth June 4, 2010

7 circuits plus the pullups and pushups–lacking the air squats to make 8–huffing and puffing to stay within sight of Julie’s pace!

Cynthia June 4, 2010

I got 7 full sets 🙂

Dan Welty June 4, 2010

Seven—those air squats are really good for you…and I really hate them! But they are good for me!

Daniela Centeno June 4, 2010

I got 7 circuits but I was very careful about doing it right!

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