Working on and improving YOU! - Tip of the week -

Working on and improving YOU! – Tip of the week


Jul 25

Coppell Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Tip of the week –
Working and Improving YOU!

Coppell Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Tip of the week –
Working and Improving YOU!

I ended up finding a great topic to do a tip of the week about this week. As most of you know we have been really focusing on your mobility and flexibility. We have and will continue to do things IN the sessions to help YOU learn how to improve in your fitness and get more out of your workouts. If you have been coming to the sessions we have been doing more and more work on trying to improve in your hip mobility.

This week’s tip of the week is focusing on YOU. Before I go into you I have a little confession to make. This Last year I started something I have never done before in my life.  I SIGNED UP FOR MY OWN FITNESS PROGRAM!

You’re probably asking yourself “Why?”

Why would Brad need a trainer?  He owns a fitness company with a big fitness company and already has group sessions he can just go to!  He is a personal trainer!  What does he need a trainer for?

Well, despite being the owner of Get You In Shape and a personal trainer, I have my faults just like everyone else.

I am a busy entrepreneur, husband, soon to be father, son, brother, and friend.

I face many if not all of the same challenges day in and day out as many of you.

Then you compound those daily challenges with the stressors that come with running a business and it all starts to pile up and after you know it, YOU become last on your priority list.

This is an issue I have juggled with for the close to 6 years.

Ever since I started Get You In Shape and the Coppell Boot Camp, I have put myself last behind my business, family, clients, and many others.

Because of that, my personal health sometimes suffered. Don’t get me wrong, I stayed in shape, always ate healthy for the most part and worked out. I worked out on my own for most of the time. It got to be very boring and never pushed myself to my personal limits. I even worked out at Boot Camp for a while which was great. I just found myself helping or wanting to help clients, though, as my helping side always came out. Which means I did not get the best workout I could get which was fine but was not really helping me grow and increase in my fitness levels.

These things are all symptoms of not putting myself first in my hierarchy of responsibilities.

I had a conversation with one of my business coaches recently and we talked about the Hierarchy of Responsibility:HierarchyofResponsibilities

As you can see from the image above, this is my personal hierarchy and this is how it should be for my health, happiness, and success.

Each of you should also have a personal Hierarchy of Responsibility that outlines your priorities and relationships that you have in your life.

Don’t get me wrong, GOD is first and foremost in my life, but after that the first TWO in the hierarchy should not change no matter who you are.  So let’s look at those two:

  1. YOU. The FIRST responsibility you have in life is to take care of yourself.  You are the foundation of everything.  So when YOU are off, everything you do will be off.  You must take care of yourself with the fundamentals like breathing, eating, sleeping, and exercise.  Give yourself regular time off for rest and relaxation.  And do what you can to keep your stress levels low.
  2. YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS. There are people in your life who depend on you.  You play many roles in your life from spouse, to parent, to friend.  And don’t forget son/daughter, brother/sister, cousin, etc.  Each of them are important.  We play these roles for others and they play these roles for us.  Each of us making up critical components of the support systems we all need in order to be at our best.

There you have it.  The FOUNDATION of your Hierarchy of Responsibility.

I’ve spent many months and years in my own ‘learning’.

And I’m certainly not done yet.  But I’ve come a long way and I feel that now more than anything I need to focus on taking care of myself and you should do the same for YOU!

Remember, if there is no YOU, who will take care of those that depend on you?

You have my support and I hope I have yours!

I invite you to comment below on one thing  you know YOU need to work on or improve in your life or just comment on the article. We are all a community working towards goals and we can not get there without working on ourselves AND in turn, helping others with what has helped you and what you have learned.

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Lorna July 28, 2011

and to my husband (Charles) who pushes me to do exercise during day off workouts when all I wanted is to put up my tired feet for rest or got to bed early. Thanks Diro !

Lorna July 28, 2011

Very very true, Thank you very much Brad for leading and the trainers for working us hard 🙂 🙂 Thanks to all of you for helping us help ourselves 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dawna July 28, 2011

Time can definately be a nemesis. I also do not put myself number one in the hierarchy most times, although I am getting better at it. Boot camp has helped me focus on myself and my needs alot more. It has also taught me alot about how to properly feed my body to get the best results. JOURNALING is making a big difference in my workouts, my motivation, and my results! And EVERYONE (all the trainers) have been so wonderful about listening and providing insight when I have a million questions. 🙂 Thank you Get You In Shape!!!!

chaney July 25, 2011

This is so true. As trainers we hear so many times about people struggling to work out due to time conflicts with family schedules. Tara has been doing a great job adjusting her schedule to work out. Way to go Tara

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