WOD - .5 of 1 mile run for time -

WOD – .5 of 1 mile run for time

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Sep 06

Look back at what you did last time and put the date and time for your last time if you did record it. This way the next time we run, you only have to come back to this blog post.


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Bill K September 8, 2010

Hmmm, I think it was 5:06 but I was delirious when I finished :).

Susana September 8, 2010

1.1 miles in 9:08 minutes

lynn September 7, 2010

6:25 for 0.6 miles

TerriS September 7, 2010

11:03 for 1.1 miles. First time to run it so I’m just glad I finished.

Sharon Hatton September 7, 2010

Last two runs have been 8:45 for the 1.1 mile run. Today was 8:04. Trying for under 8minutes. Maybe next time.

elisabeth September 6, 2010

8:52 for 1.1 miles
I was wearing my gps to check the distance. I ran on the grass so I went slightly less than 1.1 miles, but FYI the 1.1 measurement for the sidewalk seems accurate. Love this fall weather!

EcHalpin September 6, 2010

5:21 for the .6….happy with that.

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