What is the truth about Fat Burning? What are some good Fat burning exercises and workouts? -

What is the truth about Fat Burning? What are some good Fat burning exercises and workouts?


May 13

What are some truths about Fat Burning and Fat Burining Exercises?

We all want to burn more fat for weight loss, body shaping, health and wellbeing or for sporting purposes. This helps give you some fat burning exercises and fat burning tips.

What are some of the 101’s of fat burning?

Energy in, energy out. Calories in, calories out. This all depends on what you eat and drink during the day and also how many calories your body burns in a given day. When you exert more energy that you actually eat or drink on a consistant basis, you will lose body fat. The key is to continue to hard work.

The key to all this is to be constistant. You can not starve your self and then eat all your calories in one sitting each day. You body needs small well-balanced foods throughout the day. Starving yourself or going long periods of time with out eat will not help your body burn extra fat.

What is a Fat burning exercise or workout. Every gym has the cardio machines that have all types of levels. One level is called interval training. This is a great fat burning exercise or workout if you do them correctly.

Your body burns a greater percentage of fat at much faster speeds or intensity if you perform this type of fat burning exercise instead of going at a stead pace the whole time you do cardio.

An example of doing a fat burning exercie of Interval Training:

If you are on the tread mill,
Minutes 1: Walk Fast
Minute 2: Jog
Minute 3: Run
That would be one cycle. do 5 cycles and move on to the next cardio machine. Do the same thing on the next machine. Say it is the stair stepper. Go slow 1 minute, medium paced for a minute, and hard for a minute and start back over. Do 5 cycles before stoping. That would equal to 30 minutes and your body would have burned more calories that about 45-60minutes of doing cardio at the same pace in a low heart rate zone.

That is one example of an exerice or workout you can start doing today to help burn more fat!

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