What Have you done so far this week? -

What Have you done so far this week?


Jun 28

We just want to keep you going and keep you accountable this week. We know a lot of you are working out with us but most of you are not. So be honest with us. Have you worked out yet this week? What did you or didn’t you do?
Let us know by commenting below in the comment box.

If you missed in the information on Sunday, here is the email I sent out.

As you know you have 2 options for this coming week
while we are technically off.
1. Workout with us 5:30am, 6:30am, 8am, or 6:00pm for
$15 per session.

2. Workout on your own. If this is you, we have
designed 5 days of workout for you to do on your
so you have no excuses for you not to workout.
You can check your emails for the done for you designed workouts.

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Remember that the July Boot Camp won’t start until
Wenesday July 6th with the replacement day being
Saturday July 9th at 7am or 8am.

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Gary Green June 29, 2011

Lynn and I did the GYIS workout for Wednesday. Switched the running for a cardio set on the WOD.

Carmen June 29, 2011

Decided to come in to escape nature’s furnace and change things up a bit with more cardio. Did 45 minutes of walking, running and elliptical on Monday and Wednesday and a head-to-toe toning class on Tuesday with free weights and bands…no burpees, but pushups were part of the plan. Trying to keep on task..more weight training tomorrow.

Laura June 29, 2011

Monday was a travel day so I missed my work out. Tuesday did 1.5 hrs interval on the treadmill. This morning did 1 hour interval on the treadmill. Will plan on 1.5 hr session again tomorrow morning. I am back in town late Thurs so will be at boot camp on Friday. See you all then!

Julie Smith June 29, 2011

Monday’s WOD (with the jumping split lunges) left me hobbling on Tuesday. Did a lot of stretching and walking to work it out. Today’s workout was great too. We love burpees!

Rachel June 28, 2011

We are on vacation this week. I am laid up with a fractured foot. But I been doing upper body and abs every morning and leg work that does not require me to standup. (no burpees how sad). Steve has gone on long bike rides and playing basketball everyday. We have been eating very healthy on vacation as well.
It’s our plan to return to boot camp not to out of shape after missing two weeks!

Bill K June 28, 2011

Sunday evening I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, level 10, interval workout. Monday evening I did bootcamp. I am stuffed up today so I hope to feel well enough for another elliptical round and GYIS tomorrow.

Sharon June 28, 2011

Monday – 1.5 hour tennis drill and 6 pm bootcamp

Tuesday (today) 2 hours tennis this am. Have another match tonight

Wednesday – Bootcamp

Thursday – tennis or Zumba

Friday – bootcamp and tennis

Monica June 28, 2011

Friday after my 5:30 GYIS workout, I spent all day herding cub scouts in 100 degree weather, then Saturday I swam and did stairs from 10a – 3p, then Sunday I HURT!! Monday I did my 5:30 GYIS workout, and today I have to do some vigorous housecleaning! Will be there tomorrow and Friday for the 5:30 GYIS workouts!

Gary June 28, 2011

Lynn and I have done the Monday assigned workouts, we traded the jump squats for walking lunges w dumb bells. Tuesday cardio workout 30-30-30 for 30 minutes. 10 minutes walk stretch cool down.

Administrator June 28, 2011

I agree. If you are pushing your body at a high level a lot. Recovery is always recommended. Stretching, using the foam roller, and doing some core work is great!

Charles June 28, 2011

This week is my deload week, meaning I have not taken a full brek in over 8 months and I need to give the body some time to recover and heal and break from the hard push I normally go for.

Glute activation Work
– Foam roller work on lower body
– Stretching hip flexors and abductors
– Activation – black band clam shells (3×20)
– Integration – single leg partial squat with internal rotation (2×10 each leg)
Shoulder rehab/prehab
– LYTW on stability ball w/3# and then standing
Core work
– plank in the down position of a pushup (40″, 25″, 28″)
– Palloff (anti-rotation) press with a superband

Stretch and roller work to end

Julie M June 28, 2011

Although I am doing Boot Camp this week, I am trying a few different things for my off days cardio. Did 30 minutes of water aerobics (Chaney style) and it was a great workout and kept cool! But, you do sweat afterwards. This morning I did about 2 hours of heavy duty yard work — hand tilling, hauling dirt, digging, etc. I know I burned A LOT of calories…

Jackie June 28, 2011

Accountability: Monday I ended up taking my kids to the pool and swam a little but nothing to write home about. This morning I did an hour of misc aerobic activity, but I got sick to my stomach. Off weeks are weird for me! Looking forward to boot camp tomorrow!

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