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About Brad Linder

As a former professional basketball player, Brad utilized the knowledge attained from a Master’s degree in Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Studies to optimize his performance. With an extensive background in fitness and nutrition, he naturally wanted to share this knowledge with others as he entered into the health and fitness field.

Since 1999, Brad has been able to help 2,463 people get in the best shape of their lives. 475 of these clients are featured in video testimonies on YouTube ( )

In 2006, Brad founded Get You In Shape (GYIS) based in Coppell, Texas. GYIS provides scientific based, no-hype health and fitness solutions by delivering outstanding health and fitness experiences.

Brad has pioneered a high intensity group personal training program called the Get You In Shape Fitness program, which has received rave reviews including a feature in The Obama Diaries, by Laura Ingraham.

It’s grown into one of the leading fitness companies in Dallas and was featured on The Doctor’s television show with Jillian Michaels as being one of the Top Fitness Companies in Texas.

Brad has also created and produced the Get You In Shape DVD. He’s a best-selling author and has been featured as a fitness expert in numerous newspapers and media appearances including The Doctor’s, ABC New Channel 8, and CNN.

Brad has used his gift with fitness to lead Charity Events and give back to worthy causes in the community. To date, Get You In Shape has been raised more than $90,000 for various charities.

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