Week off Workouts and Sign Up -

Week off Workouts and Sign Up


Jun 20

Next week -Get You In Shape has a few weeks off each year. Next week is one of them. We are offering sessions for those that want to pay $15/session next week since this is a separate week in our program.

For those of you that have decided or still want to come  we would like to know. You can comment below, email me, or we also will have a sign up sheet at class.
Here are the details

We will have the 5:30am, 6:30am,  8am and 6pm sessions next week. You can also come at anytime. If you would let us know what
You should have received an email today about payment but the options are $45 for the week or $15/session.
Payment options –
1. Check or Cash – If you are paying with cash, please put it in an envelope or wrap a piece of paper around it with your name so we can make sure you are accounted for.
2. Pay with your check card or credit card on our Merchant site – Click Here To Pay with your Card
Just put the amount you are paying at the top to take care of it.

For those not joining us next week. For those of you out of town or have decided not to join us for the Spring break Boot Camp week, Click Here for the workouts that we have designed for you. It is all 5 days with Workout of the Day’s already on it with minimal equipment so that there are no excuses.
SO that we can keep you accountable to working out, we are asking that you post what you did each workout on this blog. Just lick on the title and scroll down until you can comment. It will hopefully help keep you accountable to doing SOMETHING while we are off.

If you are coming – Comment below what days and time(s) you are planning on coming just so we have any idea who is coming when.

Here are the sign up so far

Names Days 5:30am
Indro Dasgupta 3 Yes
Madhavi Parimi 3 Yes
Vandana Mysore 3 Yes
Monica Beamer 3 Yes
Sherin Sullivan 3 Yes
Jean Roscovious 3 Yes
Janet Fetsch 3 Yes
Alison Durkee 3 Yes
Erin Pollaehn 3 Yes
Jen Judd 3 Yes
Maria Azcona 3 Yes
Alison Jones 2 Yes
Aylan Him 3 Yes
Jeanette Bovenzi 3 Yes
Camille Penniman 3 Yes
Tim Rau 3 Yes
Laura Martinez 3 Yes
Kelly Ozymy 3 Yes
Heather Miller 3 Yes




Sherin Thawer 3
Billie Bedsole 3 Yes
Britany Gountt 3 Yes
Erin McCan 3 Yes
Donna Broyles 3 Yes
Kathy McCallum 3 Yes
Barrett Clark 3 Yes
Shari Terrell-Gladden 3 Yes
Gabriela Contreras 3 Yes
Angela Barta 2 or 3 W-F
Catherine Walhood 2- M-W Yes
Indira Garapati Monday




Tara Sappington 1 Yes
Jane Smith 3 Yes
Pam Michel 3 Yes
Bill Keating 3 Yes
Jackie Remidez & mom 3 ?
Angie ??
Kit Whitehill 3 Yes
Patti Davis 3 Yes
Kathy Pendergras 3 Yes
Christina Harmon 3 Yes
Linda Crème 3 Yes
Deborah Otte 3 Yes




Taylor Roden 3 Yes
Indira Garapati Monday Yes
Pat McDaniel Yes
Susan Gonzales Mon-Wed Yes
Mary Pritzlaff 3 Yes
Liza Henderson 3 Yes
Ellie Halpin 3 Yes
Fred Purches 1 Yes
Kathleen Purches 1 Yes
Collen Carstens 2 W-F

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(9) comments

Pam Michel June 24, 2011

Just realized I’m out of town Monday. But I will still be at the 8AM classes on Wednesday & Friday!

Jocelyn June 24, 2011

I will come at 5:30 am on all three days- M,W and F 🙂

Alicia Gardner June 23, 2011

Planning to come to 6p on Monday and possibly Friday.

Deborah Otte June 22, 2011

I will be at the 8am session Mon, Wed, Fri

Please note last spelled Otte

Jen Judd June 21, 2011

I will do the 5:30 times next week–out of town this week! Thanks!

Alison Durkee June 21, 2011

I will come 5:30 a.m. all three days. Out of the country this week!

Ellie June 21, 2011

Planning on coming to 6pm next week.

Administrator June 21, 2011

The payment options are $45 for the week or $15/session. Please post the time you plan on attending so we have an idea of who is coming when. Thanks–Brad

sherin thawer June 21, 2011

yes i will come is there a deal if u come all 3 days?

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