Week #3 Tips, and Information -

Week #3 Tips, and Information


Jun 13

1. Tip of the WeekClick here – With each day being so busy during the summer with kids and running around, this is a quick tip on how to be better prepared.

2. Healthy Recipe Book – Don’t forget to to start thinking about 1 healthy recipe. We have only had 2 people turn theirs in to us. This will be a great tool that will benefit YOU so we want everyone to participate in this. Click Here for more info.

3. This week – m-w-f and Saturday at either 7 or 8am
Click Here for off-day Cardio exercises for this week.

4. June’s week off We will take a week off after these next 4 weeks. We will offer
the 5:30am, 6:30am and the 6pm for anyone who does want to continue to
workout the week we are off. It will be $15/session and to keep things
easier for us, just bring a check for however many sessions you plan
on attending. If you are paying with cash, please put it in an envolope
with your name on it.

7. Have any one who wants to try the workouts without actually paying? This Saturday from 9-10am we will have a free trial session for anyone new looking at our program. We have made it easy to get discounts for bringing your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc to join our program. We have trial sessions for folks to come check us out before they join. Click Here to read about our Referral Program and how you can get an entire boot camp month for free for just sending folks our way. We do all the work. Send an email and let people know they can come for a trial session. Just send them to this web page – Click Here

Quick Links

July Calendar

June Calendar
24 Day Challenge

Heart Rate Monitors
Meal Movement– Quick, healthy, convenient meals
Referral Rewards Program – Get discounts by getting your friends to join you.
June Healthy Recipe Book

“If you focus on RESULTS, you will never see CHANGE.
if you focus on
CHANGE, you will always see RESULTS!”

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The Get You In Shape Team

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