Week #2 Workouts - Coppell Boot Camp -

Week #2 Workouts – Coppell Boot Camp


Feb 06

Remember to always warm up and cool down. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in.

Monday – Boot Camp #4

Tuesday –

30 seconds on 30 off (rest or walk in place)- You can do this with just about an cardio and on any cardio equipment if you are at the gym. The idea is that you go hard for 30 seconds and either stop or go very slow for 30 seconds (if you are on an exercise machine, you would not just stop, although you could).  Here are a few examples for those of you who only have outside and/or your house/apartment
You will do each of these 5 exercises in a row resting 30 seconds after performing the excercise for 30 seconds.
Cliff Climbers – Walk/jog in place while bringing up one knee to chest and one arm to the sky/ceiling
Jumping Jacks
Base Side to sides – IN base position Low in your squat with weight in heels and hips) hop or step side to side as fast as you can
Touch the sky – on toes either jump or stay on toes reaching up to the sky or ceiling as fast as you can
Run in place – football drill -jog in place for 15 seconds and get low in base and do the football drill for 15 seconds
After completing all 5 you would just start back on exercise 1 again until you have completed 30 minutes.

You can also just go run/jog for 30 seconds and rest/walk for 30 seconds

Cool Down Stretch

Wednesday -Boot Camp #5

Thursday 5-8 min warm up
5 – 8 min core work from GYIS Program core page – 1 min each of Pillar Bridges. side pillar, heel taps, slow and Fast bicycles

Shoot for 30 minutes somewhere in between your slow to medium pace. Since we have a 4 day week with boot camp, this is a day to get moving and allow your body to recover a little bit.

You can also look back at other weeks cardio clicking here
5-8 min cool down or static Stretching

Friday– Boot Camp #6

Saturday –
Boot Camp #7   7am or 8am