Week #2 Tips and Info -

Week #2 Tips and Info


Feb 06

1. February CalendarHere is the Feb. Calendar

2. 24 Day Challenge
– We are having 2 people come to our house tonight (Monday)and will meet about 7:15 in case anyone missed last week or has changed their mind.

3. Cardio Club – We have 14 folks in our AM Cardio Club. We will be getting some feedback from them after week #2 and share with anyone who was on the fence or wanting to start but February was not a good month.
We were close in the PM time but we needed 3 more folks so hopefully we will get enough in March to make so that we have an AM and Pm and those of you who are signed up can have a choice. More information is on the Cardio Club website. We already have have one signed up for the PM and we are 3 weeks away from starting. So if you already know you want to sign up, let us know.

4. Biggest Winner – We have the teams here are the team and  the information.

5. Tip of the week – Here is a great tip about running and alignment. Do you walk like a duck?

6. Workouts this week – Here are workouts suggested for this week.