Week #2 Boot Camp Workouts -

Week #2 Boot Camp Workouts

Workout Of The Day

Jun 05

Monday – Tabata’s – Summo squats, AbMat Situps, 1 leg rows, Mountain Climbers

10 min circuit – See Get You In Shape Program or Get You In Shape workout workbook if you are not sure about these exercises or what they are.
1 min Pillar Bridge (on elbows
30/30 side pillar
1 min Peter Pan (on stomach, hands by hips)
1 Min Reverse Crunches
30sec /30 sec slow-fast bicycles
1 min jumping jacks
1 min jump rope in place (with or without jump rope)
1 min side to side (hopping or stepping)
1 min front to back (hopping or stepping)
1 min touch the sky
After 10 minutes
30 Sec Slow, 30 Sec Fast for 20-30 minutes

Wednesday – Boot Camp

Either do Chaney’s tip and exercise in the water for at least 30 minutes  OR
hold in bottom of Sqaut for 2 min (Click Here for video)
Sprints – This can be your fast pace (whatever that is for you)
Find about 50-60 yards and go.
Do 5 resting only 30 seconds in between
Do another 5 resting 45 sec in between
Go for 30 min
8-10 Min cool down stretching

Friday – Boot Camp
Saturday –  Boot Camp 7am or 8am