No Boot Camp WEDNESDAY Feb. 9th - WOD -

No Boot Camp WEDNESDAY Feb. 9th – WOD

Workout Of The Day

Feb 08

We hate to cancel once again but know it probably is the best thing to do. Today’s Sessions are Canceled!
Again, we hate to have to cancel, but we don’t have control over mother nature and would rather be safe about things. We also know we will get much better attendance this way. Plus, buy giving you a Workout of the Day and putting this blog up, YOU can still be motivated to workout on your own.

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Make Up date – Tuesday – Feb 15

Workout of the Day – POST YOUR TIMEΒ  You will need to click on the blogΒ  title to comment your Time
You will perform all reps in each exercise before being able move on to the next exercise. The goal is to NOT be able to do but 1 or 2 reps toward the end because your muscles are fatigued.
Because some of you my just want a 10-15 Min. Workout, you may want to choose the lower rep.

You will stick to the same number you choose so if you choose 25 reps, you do 25 Reps for each of the exercises.
Your rep count choices are 25/50/75/100.
These are put in 4 levels going from basic to advanced. Or if you are looking for a longer workout, choose a higher rep count. You choice. When you post your time, also post your level you performed.

most of these exercises can be found in the Get You In Shape Program with pictures and descriptions
WOD- You will perform the amount of reps that you choose on each exercise before moving to the next exercise. You will perform this workout FOR TIME. So have a timer or stop watch ready before starting.
Warm up – 5 minutes of stretching exercises. 5 minutes of Core and Ab work
WORKOUT of the DAYΒ  *means that the exercise is in the Get You In Shape Program
*1. Bicycle
2. Jumping Jacks – can also be done by stepping. (this is not on the Get You In SHape Program)
3. Jump Ups (find something and jump up on it like we have done at the pavilion) Modification would be squat and explode up on toes or jump squats
*4. Push Ups
*5. Air Squats
*6. Standing 2 arm row
*7. Glute bridges
*8. Shoulder Press
*9. Dumbbell Curl
*10. Lunges (perform half of the reps on each leg but finish one leg’s reps before moving to the other leg)
POST TIME on comments

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Aylan February 14, 2011

I did 100 reps… It was very difficult, but regarding at the end.
40min 32 sec.

Amy F. February 10, 2011

I did 3 sets, 25 reps and my time was 29.32. Holy Moley I was shanking like a leaf afterward, but it felt good! I also increased my pushups!!

Ellie February 10, 2011

I did the 100 reps…thought I was going to die while doing the step ups/jump ups!
44 minutes. Now I can barely lift my arms! πŸ™‚

Charles February 10, 2011

Pillar bridge/side pillar/pillar/otherside pillar/pillar 45” no rest between for core
This was a complete but-kicker. The push-ups were the buzzsaw that seemed to eat the most time with the rest needed to go another round. The arms are complete spaghetti . Guess I must not have eaten my Wheaties – total time on the 10 centuries of exercise was 47:23
1. Bicycle – 50, 30, 20
2. Jumping Jacks 100
3. Squat Jumps 30, 30, 20, 20
4. Push Ups (on toes) – 20, 15, 10, 10, 10, 13, 12
5. Air Squats – 50, 30, 20
6. Standing 2 arm row – 10# DBs 50, 30, 20
7. Glute bridges – 50, 50
8. Shoulder Press – 10# DBs 50, 30, 20
9. Dumbbell Curl – 8# DBs 50, 30, 20
10. Lunges – 50 each leg

Brandon February 9, 2011

100 reps of each in 32 min.

Diep February 9, 2011

Tuesday I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the treadmill (1-min slow, 1-min medium and 1-min fast pace, each 10 times). I followed up with lots of stretching and ab work.

I see several of you doing 100 reps, so I tried 100 reps of the 10 exercises. They were hard to do all at one time, so admittedly, I had to rest in between the reps. Total time was around 38 minutes.

Najah February 9, 2011

I did 50 for all…ouch!! 26.50 was time.

Caron February 9, 2011

Tuesday I went outside and jogged for about 1 1/2 miles..enjoyed the evening before the bad weather set in.

Today I did the WOD…I decided to do the 25 reps for each exercise and accomplished that in a little under 15 mins. I decided to do another round of 25 reps for each and did that one in about the same amount of time. I’m with the others..push ups was the hardest part for me along with the shoulder press (wasn’t sure if these were the traditional shoulder press with weights, but that’s what I did). Did the jump ups for the first set and the squat/jump up for the 2nd set.
All in all I had a great 5 year old daughter was with me the whole time doing exercises too πŸ™‚

Nicole W February 9, 2011

50 reps

I had to split up the push ups (25 in the middle and 25 at the end). My arms are jello!

See everyone on Friday!

Julie M February 9, 2011

Chuck came in right under 30 min doing 75 reps. He did full push ups the whole time! I only wish I could do that!!

Taylor February 9, 2011

I convinced my brother and mom to spend part of their snow day with me working out. It helped having someone help me out. Especially because I wanted to only do 50 and my brother convinced me to do 75 since I wasn’t very good last week. The push ups were a killer. We did half on the ground and half on our stairs to help out a bit. Our dogs were going crazy on our jump ups on the stairs.

75 reps – 30:15

Jon G. February 9, 2011

I knew pushups would be hard, so I put this workout off all day. I decided to start with the pushup to get them out of the way. However, after Monday’s ab assault, the bicycles were much more difficult than I expected. It’s good to be finished!

75 @ 32:05.

Susan G February 9, 2011

I did the 50 reps, a few exercises at 75 and had to modify the push-ups b/c of my shoulder…all that said i finished in 20 min. legs and arms feel like rubber..Brad always comes through!!!

Cynthia February 9, 2011

Woof! Thanks to Karen I did the 100 reps. I did have to split up the push-ups. I did 50 pu’s/50 airsquats/25pu’s/25 airsquats.
I also did not have my weights so I used a resistance band for the rows and biceps. I had to alternate the biceps 25 with the band and 25 with out and then repeated. Did step ups with a step stool instead of jump ups.
Time: 42:44

Good one. Now to have a shake to help me RECOVER!

Asheeta February 9, 2011

Ummm ~ just did the math & my time on the 50 reps was more like 28 mins:51 seconds (thought an 8 was a 3)

Way to go everyone!!

Najah February 9, 2011

I did the cardio set for Tuesday- the ladder set. I completed the ladder set in about 18 minutes and did 1.75 miles. πŸ™‚ This weather is trying to make me lazy but I am really trying to fight it! Keep warm everyone. πŸ™‚

Najah February 9, 2011

Unfortunately, I had a viewing to attend on Monday night so I missed the only session we’ve had in a while. However, I still did the workout. I did the 10 pushups/15 dead lifts/20 air squats/25 sit ups for 4 rounds. My time was 12.06.

Julie M February 9, 2011

Erin and I did 50 reps each. If I had read the blog 1st, I would have felt pressured to do 100 reps since Karen did them. Way to go Karen!!

It was a great workout though and found we had to pace ourselves and break a few times (yes, during push ups) but after my time (24:30, Erin’s 26:09), I also did 50 Tricep Extensions just for the heck of it.

See everyone on Friday!!

Jackie February 9, 2011


Polly C February 9, 2011

Yesterday: Ran 3.25 miles on treadmill (40 min) at slow(3.5), medium(5.3), and fast (6.2)
Today: It was really tough to get up today with the weather, and this is my 8th out of 10 days of work. I just did the beginner, 25 reps on each b/c of time today
Total time for all 10: 13 min 50 sec
I might try to sqeeze in another set when I get home from work tonight.

Administrator February 9, 2011

Great Work Karen! I think I am going to try mine about noon. May even video it?? Keep the posts coming everyone.

Asheeta February 9, 2011

I thought that was pretty long on time for 50 reps but hey, guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’m pretty sure I did all with semi-decent form though I couldn’t do really do the jump-ups… my knees can’t cut it so did those similar to the step-ups. I do have to add ~ the push-ups were on my knees…. I tried all of (2) as conventional ones but my arms just wouldn’t hold out…..
And I did get in my 5 minute dash with my pup before it really started coming down πŸ™‚

Karen February 9, 2011

34 minutes, 100 reps of each. That was hard!

I had to do the second half of the pushups in between other exercises. Also I did step ups instead of jump ups and walking lunges instead of 50 on one side followed by 50 on the other.

Now for a nap.

Administrator February 9, 2011

Way to go!! Each of you will probably get to one exercises that will take you a while on. Push Ups will most likely be that for me. That is a great time, though. I thought with 10 exercises this workout would be a long one but it will definitely be a tough one. Keep the comments coming.

Asheeta February 9, 2011

Can I say I really, really love Push-ups (NOT!!!)…. if it wasn’t for those I would have gone through the rest of the WOD in a fairly quick pace…. As it is I did the following:

50 reps of each ~ 23 min 51 seconds……

If you see that collapsed pile of limbs in the corner – that’s me…… Now to try & take my dog out for a walk in this miserable weather…..

See y’all Friday!! Stay warm everyone!!

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