United Labs & Get You In Shape Corporate Fitness Information -

United Labs & Get You In Shape Corporate Fitness Information

Get You In Shape's Corporate Wellness at United Labs

What To Do Before Starting

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  • Download and Print the CONSENT/RELEASE FORM HERE
  • Read the information on this page regarding the wellness and Fitness at United Labs

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Q & A- Common Questions regarding the fitness sessions at United Labs

When Will The Sessions Be Held?
Monday - 12:00 pm-12:45 pm Yoga - *All fitness levels
Tuesday - 12:00 pm-12:45 pm - Group Personal Training -*All fitness levels
Thursday - 12:00 pm-12:45 pm Group Personal Training -*All fitness levels
*Please read below about all fitness levels.
Each fitness session will last for 45 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down. We design each workout so that you get the most out of the 45 minutes if you show up on time and leave on time. We ask that you would be respectful of this 🙂

What if I’m not in very good shape? What are the fitness levels?
We use progressive programming at The Get You in Shape. That means each person goes at their own personal fitness level. If you’re not in very good shape, we’ll start you slow (there will be others in the same boat, so you won’t be left behind), but work you up to speed more quickly than you can probably imagine right now. The amazing thing about the human body is how it adapts quickly to proper stimulus. We will SAFELY challenge you never more so than you can handle. With years of experience working with of all ages and fitness levels, we have this progressive programming down to a science.

Just know that you are welcome at Get You in Shape regardless of your level of fitness, and you will not feel out of place, even if you think of yourself now as being totally out of shape. You are not alone. Help is here, both from us (your instructors) and the friendly, caring support you will receive from others. We work as a team, inspiring and being inspired, and everybody wins!
We do ask that you download and fillout the profile/consent here before starting.

What all is involve in the Yoga on Monday's? Will I be able to do it?
The short answer is that the yoga sessions are designed for all fitness levels. Yoga has been used for many years as a form of exercise and has many benefits. For many, yoga is just a great complement to incorporate into any health and fitness routine. There are many benefits from yoga (just google it) but we feel that adding it once a week to your current routine will help with recovery, stress, flexibility and injury prevention. The yoga will be at your own personal fitness level and is surprisingly popular to folks who would never think they would do yoga.
Get You In Shape will be catering this yoga session to ALL FITNESS levels so all are invited to be a part of it. We know that most participants will have no prior exposure to yoga which is why we want to make sure that it's for everyone. 

What is the Group Personal Training on Tuesday's and Thursday's? What types of exercises will we be doing?
First let me say that everything we do at the fitness session are FUN. You will never be doing long, boring cardiovascular exercise or painful, hard, heavy lifting. Those days are gone. Group Personal Training is just Personal Training in a Group Environment.
Everyone will go at their own personal fitness level. Which just means that you will only be pushed to your own personal fitness limits. Nothing more..nothing less. You can and will feel at ease with our style of workouts that allow all fitness levels to come together and be pushed at every level because of the way we perform the workouts.

Resistance Training or strength training along with some cardio will be the majority of the fitness sessions. Studies show that resistance training is very effective in the process of getting rid of body fat and getting in shape. The Core muscles will be a primary target as strengthening your core muscles helps to support your spine and keeps your body stable and balanced. Yoga exercises, resistance training, core work, and other forms of exercise are just some of the areas of focus to get a great full-body, calorie burning, shock your body workout session each and ever time.

The bottom line is that you can do it all, and with our progressive programming you can start at a pace that's comfortable for you, and increase your intensity under our supervision and instruction, safely and measurably, quicker than you can imagine. That's how you get results!gone.

What if I don't know how to exercise properly before starting?
Each participant will be taught how to perform each exercise correctly and each exercise has a progression level from beginner levels of fitness to advanced. Each person will be going at their own fitness level throughout the fitness program, and progress at their own pace. The certified professional fitness trainers will help explain and assist in the different progressions. We ask that you communicate with the trainer if there is an exercise you should not be doing for whatever reason. We can help give you an alternative exercise based on your limitations and fitness level

What do I need to bring with me to the sessions?
1) Positive Attitude - We want to provide a community that is a healthy environment that helps with motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability. Your attitude will help make that happen.
2) Fitness Mat - United will be furnishing a few fitness mat's but if you know you will be coming consistently, it may be a good idea to invest in a mat yourself. You can try a yoga mat or beach towel but we will be doing a lot of exercises on the concrete. Being on your knees and it's suggested to get something thicker than a yoga mat.  Since we will be doing a lot of exercise on the concrete, we suggest using a thick mat.
You can get mats in the fitness section in Wal-Mart, Target, Academy, Dicks, etc
3) Beach Towel - This will help give even more support to your mat but if you don't have a mat, this will at least give you some support from the concrete.
4) Water and a small towel - Water is certainly needed to help with hydration and the small towel can be used for sweat 🙂

"We will get you in, get you out and get you fit". That's our slogan, and we live up to it. Each Get You In Shape fitness session is fast and fun, with not a moment wasted. You are burning calories at a high rate, and then continuously thereafter as a result of the exercise you did and the lean muscle you build. And our location could not be more convenient.

How quickly can I expect to see results in the mirror?
It took time for you to get where you are today so it's only natural that it will take a little time to start seeing changes to your body. We do know you will start feeling much better and start experience many of the benefits that occur when you start living a healthy lifestyle. We want to stress that nutritional habits are 70% of your battle which is why we encourage you to follow the Get You In Shape Program Guide (which will be on our Member's Only website that you will have access to after filling out the LifeStyle Profile webform below). You will most definitely experience performance, strength and conditioning improvement, sometimes in as little as a few weeks if you are staying consistent with your workouts and nutrition. The key is following our step by step program as designed in the Get You In Shape program guide and change your lifestyle.

Where will the sessions be held?
Most of the sessions will be held in the paring lot of 1270 Champion Circle. We have found that many of our clients who work inside all day love LOVE getting outside and moving. This is why we will be planing on being outside as much as we can.

What about cold weather or rain?
We will be inside the building at 1270 Champion Circle if it's too cold to workout outside or if it is raining.

What is the 24 Day Challenge Nutrition program?
This is a separate program we offer. You can read more about on our website here but if you are interested in learning more, just contact brad @ Get You In Shape Dot com or Lotta and we can set up a 30 minute meeting with you to go over it and get you started.

After filling out the Lifestyle Profile form below, you'll get access to GYIS's Member's only site