Ultra Band Resistance Tube Exercises -

Ultra Band Resistance Tube Exercises


Oct 14

Ultra Band Resistance Tube Exercises and Figure 8 band workouts

Leg Extension  – Knee up with loop in one foot and to a leg extension
Side leg raises – one leg standing on the end and the other leg goes out
Squats with added side leg raises
Lunge – Band is in the middle while holding on to the bands with both hands

Sitting one are row
Sitting 2 arm row
Sitting one arm arm bicep curl – Change hand positions
Sitting one arm extension – one arm stationary in L, extend other arm out
Overhead one arm extension – One arm stays overhead while the other arm extends to side

Here are few PDF’s that you can print out to use as a guide for using the ultra toner Exercises band. Click the red link

PDF #1 – SPRI Ultra Toner Exercise PDF
PDF #2   Figure 8 Band Exercises PDF
PDF #3  Ultra Band Exercises PDF

Here is a list of 35 exercises you can do with your Figure 8 Resistance Band

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