Tuesday Boot Camp Workout -

Tuesday Boot Camp Workout

Workout Of The Day

Nov 15

Off- Day Cardio 
Do more than you normally do this week to help increase your results on Friday.
Tuesday – 5 minute warm up | 5 minute Core work | Sprints 100 yards (15-30 sec) at your fast pace (rest 1 min) for 15-20 reps | 5 Min cook down stretch

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Remember the Workout of the Day on Saturday? If you were there, your legs still may be sore. Fellow Boot Camper Julie Smith was one of the campers who won the October Contest by sending a workout to us. For winner she onw 2 Free Personal Training Sessions.
The Workout – 3 Rounds – 15 Kettlebell swings, 15 AbMat SitUps, 10 Burpees
The 2nd workout – 3 Rounds – 1 run around Kid Country, 5 Pullups, 10 Push Ups
Julie did awesome and here are a few pictures.