Trainer Tip - Losing weight by eating breakfast -

Trainer Tip – Losing weight by eating breakfast


May 07

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

A healthy breakfast is an undeniable requirement for anyone in the process of beginning, achieving or maintaining an appropriate weight and wanting to get in shape. Fueling your body with the nutrients first thing in the morning enhances your metabolism and sets the tone for your body for the rest of the day.  Eating breakfast helps you lose body fat because it gets your body going early in the day. Breakfast is just what the words sounds like. You actually break the fast in which your body has gone from eating last the night before until you eat again.  Your body needs energy from breakfast to carry about in normal day to day activities. Breakfast also helps get your metabolism going so it is able to more quickly break down the foods you eat later in the day. Breakfast also helps curb your hunger, prevents binging and prevents grazing during the day.

Breakfast contributes 30% or more of essential and protective nutrients to the daily intake.

By skipping this important meal, it is difficult to make up the lack of crucial nutrients that your body needs such as iron, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. People who skip breakfast miss out on many vital nutrients, which they are unlikely to make up for during the rest of the day.

A study done at the University of Massachusetts concluded startling statistics. You are 150% more likely to be obese by eating breakfast away from home, and you are an astonishing 450% more likely to be obese by not eating breakfast at all.
Statistics also show that only 14% of the United States eats a complete breakfast everyday.

Many studies have found a relationship between eating breakfast and learning ability, attention span, and general well-being. Children who skip breakfast can have trouble staying alert and concentrating during the first hours of the school day, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Guide to Your Child’s Nutrition.

Skipping breakfast is not the way to lose body fat. If your last meal the night before was at 8pm and your skip breakfast, your body goes about 16 hours with out anything. When you do eat, you are likely eat unhealthy, eat a bigger portion, and your body will not be able to metabolize the foods you eat quickly. Studies have shown that eating breakfast regularly is a factor in maintaining good health.  It’s a fact that people who regularly eat a healthy breakfast stay slimmer, are more mentally alert and may even live longer than those who don’t eat breakfast on a regular basis.

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If you do have time to make a quick breakfast, here a few healthy options:
1. Whole-wheat bread with some low-fat cheese or peanut butter with fruit
2. Low-fat, no-sugar added yogurt with a banana or fruit.
3. Old Fashion Oatmeal (yes the slow cooking kind) with fruit. There are a few healthy instant oatmeal packs. Just make sure you read the label.
4. 2 eggs whites, and 1 whole egg with whole wheat toast (may add natural peanut butter) and fruit.
5. Hard boiled egg(s), whole wheat toast (with peanut butter), and fruit.
You can add skim milk, low-fat milk, or silk milk to add some extra calcium and protein.

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