Trainer Tip - Foam Rolling basics -

Trainer Tip – Foam Rolling basics


Apr 19

Coppell Fitness Ready


Julie McCan, Lead Trainer @ Get You In Shape
Get You In Shape Client since 2008
Get You In Shape Trainer Since 2008
Certified Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise

Julie currently is the Lead Trainer at Get You In Shape.
She leads and assists the other Get You In Shape personal trainers. She leads the clients as the fitness sessions

Julie spent 24 years in telecommunications industry before making the decision to retire from corporate life and embark on a journey to find a new passion.   Since high school, personal fitness and overall wellness has been important to Julie.   Once retired, she was able to refine her focus on her fitness and health goals.

After losing over 15 pounds through diet and exercise, she decided to try one of Brad’s Fitness Boot Camps to push her to the next level.  Not only did she find what she was looking for in a total body workout, she also discovered her new passion may be in helping others with their fitness goals.  Timing could not have been better since Brad was looking to grow his business and found Julie to be a great fit with his desire to “hand pick” his team and help them grow into personal trainers that can motivate, challenge, instruct and ultimately lead Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camps.

Julie has a great deal of empathy for Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp clients that struggle with keeping their fitness and health goals as a high priority.  Her background,  that included various high stress management positions, lots of travel, and a family life to juggle, mirrors many Fitness Boot Camp clients.  Julie has been a resident of Coppell, TX since 1984 and feels a strong connection to the community and its residence.  Being able to help people in her own community is just one more perk in realizing her passion.

It is in a large part due to the strong support of Julie’s husband, Chuck and daughter Erin (a 2007 CHS graduate and graduate of Colorado State University), that she has been able realize this passion.  Through continuing education, certification courses and support from Brad Linder, she continues to learn and grow in her role as Lead Personal Trainer  at Get You In Shape. However, the biggest reward for Julie has been to actually see the joy in clients when they realize their own fitness goals and see results from Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camps.

Coppell Fitness Ready

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