Tips and Information for week #4 -

Tips and Information for week #4


Nov 14

Please Watch Video going over our survey

Again please watch the video as it goes over some important stuff and information from the survey we had a few weeks ago.
See bottom of this for the cliff notes but please take a few minutes to watch it as this is why we had the survey to continue to help you.

bonus points to those that Email me what happens at the end of the video where I have to cut it off

I am sorry there is SO much information but this is one of the only ways we can communicate with you about this.
This is the last week in the November Boot Camp. If you are going to be in town next week and want to workout, we have a few options for you.

Week #4 Tip and Information
Tip of the week- Click Here
– Great tip from Julie about breaking the plateau

Off-Day Workouts for this week – Click Here

Women of Strength – Click Here – Bring your favorite healthy recipe dish and a copy of it to share with others. A night to get some new cooking tips, recipes and also get to mingle with like-minded people to lift your spirits up. Oh, and baby Elliott will be there as well. Click Here to sign up .

Important Dates Coming up:
December Calendar – Click Here
and download class times and accountability calendar.

Client of the Year – Click here
Get You In Shape’s 2nd annual Client of the Year Contest. Over $1,800 in prizes.

November 17th Women of Strength – Click Here for information about our healthy recipe exchange and pot luck night.

November 21st –  Boot camp for anyone who wants to workout out with us while we are off. Cost is $15 – Click here to pay or bring $ on the day.

November 23rd, 25, and 26Click Here for information and to sign up. Thanksgiving Turkey Bustin Workouts. Charity event for local CCA and Free Workouts.

November 28thClick Here – Next 24 Day Challenge – Huge event and Huge incentive to lose weight before Christmas.

December 8th – Client Appreciation Dinner. 7:00-9:00pm. Plan on coming to great food, fellowship, and fun as we celebrate the Get You In Shape family and give out awards.

Here is the quick version but please check the video when you get a chance
1. Client of the year – To give you a little more incentive, we have decided to up the winning prize. The winner will now get the $500 hotel package PLUS 3 Free Boot Camp Months (that is up to a $1, 225).

2. Survey results – Just watch the video for the percentages and main findings

3. Tuesday/Thursday  Off-Day Cardio and adding possible cardio sessions – 55% of you either don’t workout on the off-days or are just lucky to do something in the off-days. 23 people were interested in the morning session and 31 were interested in an evening time. So this is something that we will begin planning on for adding in January. Know this will not be a boot camp class and will incorporate more flexibility, mobility, core and implement the off-day cardio suggestions that we normally suggest you guys do on your own.

4. Cold Weather – We will be inside every time except the 6pm session because of the construction on the Coppell Aquatics Center. Every other time will be inside if it is 39 degrees of under. So if you know it will be below that and don’t want to be outside for the 6pm session, plan on moving your schedule around so that you can make it to one of the 5 other class times offered. We are looking for possible alternatives for the few times we have to be inside in the evening when it is too cold or raining.

5. 12:00-1:00pm session – We will start this time November 29th when our December Camp starts. We will give it a few weeks to see if we consistently have enough people showing up to keep this time on the schedule. If you are not getting enough people showing up, then we will go back to 5 times offered.

6. Overall Feedback from the survey –
Testing –
We have a few days each month when we measure progress with some sort of fitness testing. We know this is a great tool for most of you but we also realize some people just do not like doing this. If this is you, know that other folks do need this and do not focus on your time or number. Just focus on your own effort and getting the most out of the time you are at that particular session.
Modifications – With a lot of different fitness levels, we do feel that the workouts are designed so that beginners and advanced fitness levels can get the most out of each particular workouts. There are also some of you who need modified exercises because of some sort of health issue. We can and have been able to accommodate many people with little ailments by giving them modified exercises. There also are times when one exercise may be too much for some levels of fitness. The trainers do try and give as many different variations of a particular exercise but sometimes you will need to ask them for an alternative or modified exercise. If there is a particular body part you want to do another exercise for, let them know. If you would rather to a stationary cardio exercise as a modification. The key is communication.
Different Fitness Levels – We are constantly striving to ensure that each fitness level gets the most out of each particular workout. We have different variations for our workout of the day’s that make it so that no matter what fitness level you are at, you are working at your own fitness level and not making it too easy or something you can not do also.  We know there are going to be some workouts that are too tough for some people and if that is the case, make sure you just ask the trainer for a modified workout or modified exercises.  There are also some workouts that may be too easy for others and there are also things to make it tougher. You can ask the trainer also but some things are doing another round, doing a more advanced (tougher movement of the exercise),  use more weight (if the trailer is there, go grab a heavier Kettlebell, bar, or vest)

Know that we are working for you, so please reach out to us and let us know how we can serve you and your needs. We are constantly striving to do so and this survey was a great tool to help us realize some areas where we can improve on.

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