Tips and Information for this week -

Tips and Information for this week


Nov 28

Off-Day Cardio for December Boot Camp week #1

Remember to always warm up and cool down. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in.

Tuesday –
If at gym or outside – 1 min at your slow pace, 1 min at your medium, 1 min at your fast pace. That would be one circuit. You start back over at 1 min slow after your first circuit and repeat for 10-15 circuits.
If at home – 1 minute of jumping jacks 1 min. rest – Repeat for a total of 30 minutes. You can also look back at other weeks cardio clicking here

If in a gym Gym – 5-10 Minutes of warm up and Core exercises. 5 Minutes at Medium pace on 1 cardio equipment. Rest for 2 Minutes (STOP). 5 Minutes on another cardio machine at fast pace. Rest 3 Minutes (Stop). 10 Minutes at slow-medium pace on another cardio machine.
If outside – 2 min slow, 2 min medium, 1 min FAST- repeat for at least 30 minutes – shoot for 45 min
If in Home -5-10 Minutes of warm up and Core exercises.
1 min. Cliff Climbers – high knee raises along with riasing hands in the air. You can do this walking fast or jogging/running. Try bringing knees high every time and reaching high.
Rest 30-60 sec
1 min. Frog Jumps – Bend hips down and try to touch the ground with your fingers (keeping core tight), jump forward while bringing hips and arms up. Land and bring hips and arms back down before jumping backward and bring hips and arms back up again. Step forward and backward as an alternative to jumping
Rest for 30-60 sec
Repeat 2 exercises for 30 minutes

1. We are adding a 12pm session
. We will see if we can get enough to continue this class time. So start coming if you want this time to stay

2. December Calendar – Click Here as it is a little different because of

3. Client Appreciation Party – December 8th – RSVP by Clicking Here
Food, Fellow, and Fun along with awards.
Come alone, with your spouse, and/or with your child (ren).

4. Holiday 24 Day Challenge – Anyone wanting to get a head start before
Christmas? Holiday 24 Day Challenge starts with a meeting Monday,
November 28th. Click Here for a quick run down and to sign up.
We are only accepting 5 spots for this holiday Challenge.

5. 6pm Session – Unfortunately we will be outside at this time if it is too
cold or raining at the 6pm session. We do have 5 other times so you if
the weather looks like it will be too cold or raining at the 6pm session, you
will need to plan on coming at another time that particular day or just
plan on working out outside.

If you missed the Thanksgiving Pictures and our charity event for CCA, Click here

Let us know how we can help you! Give us a call or email us.

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Brad Linder
The Get You In Shape Team
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