Tips and Information for the week -

Tips and Information for the week


Apr 19

Rember to check the blog once a week to see the tips and information you may have missed if you do/did miss a session.

1. Our 1st annual 5k run (& 1 mile walk) benefiting Coppell Special Olympics Teams. May 8th. We will be doing a little more cardio during the sessions also helping you prepare with the off day cardio workout (see below) the next 3 weeks. This is for EVERYONE, not just Get You In shape. It will be a great event to get your families and friends envolved. So email anyone you know who may be interested in this event.
More info can be found at  . We will be giving T-shirts so get in your sign ups before May 1st.

2. Tip of the week – Did you know this has been proven to help with weight loss? Are you doing it. CLICK Here for the Tip of the week

3. Saturday workout this week. You have 3 workouts this week and one on Saturday. Dallas one is 8am at the Camdem Location. Coppell is 7am and 8am. Wear your get you in shape Shirts as we will take a group picture at both locations.

4. Cardio Workouts for the week. The next 3 weeks cardio workout will be for all those preparing for the 5k run on May 8th ( if you forgot). CLICK HERE For this weeks Cardio workouts

5. Kids Boot Camp – Many of you know we have had a boot camp for kids the last 2 years. We are giving a Free TRIAL week for kids May 3rd-May 7th. You can secure a spot for your child (ren) at . We will have a 5:00-6:00pm class that week. Our summer schedule will depend on how many campers we get. Last summer it was from 8:00-9:00am but we also may add another time if we get enough participants. So get over and sign your kids up for the FREE TRIAL Boot Camp week.

6. Two more weeks left. You will be getting your measurments from the half-way mark. We ask that you contact us if you are needing extra help. We are here to help each of you reach your short and long term goals. So let us know how we can do that.