This Weeks Tip and Information -

This Weeks Tip and Information


Oct 18

Last week of this months boot camp. We encourage you to push through these last few days. Try to get in more cardio if you are looking to get better results.
Tip of the Week Do you know how hard you are really pushing your heart during the boot camp workouts and also on the off-day cardio? Click Here to see how you can learn more about how you can get more from your workout.

Last week – We have Today, Wednesday and Friday to finish out our current 4 week boot camp. So take advantage of these last few days and get your cardio in to get the most out of the measurements on Friday.

Off-Day Cardio this week
– 40 seconds slow 20 seconds fast 20-45 minutes
Thursday – 10 minute warm up
30 minutes in slow to medium (try and stay at one pace for at least 30 minutes)
Saturday – At least 30 minutes of cardio. 30 slow -30 fast

Let us know if you have any questions or how we can help you.