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Tools, Recipes and Tips to Maximize RESULTS

First Steps

24 Day Jump Start - Days 1-10 Directions & Preparation Before Starting

Step By Step Directions for days 1-10 for the  24-Jump Start

Nutrition Tips Before Starting:

Directions For: 
Days 11-24 of the 24-Day Jump Start

Download Step By Step "One Page Playbook" Directions for Days 11-24 & 28 Day Nutrition System Below

How To Take The Vitamins:

28-Day Optimize and & 28-Day Lean Lifestyle Program

Download Step By Step "One Page Playbook"  for Lean Lifestyle and 28 Day Nutrition System Below. 


Product Information and PDF

Metabolic Nutrition System - The below links has the basic details about the different vitamins systems.

Other Recommended Products.  The below links has the basic details about the rest of the products on the Challenge.

Workout And Fitness Tools

One of many Video Workouts Below

Lean In 13  (optional nutrition plan)

NOTE: This is an optional nutrition program. Would would be added after the 10 Day Cleanse or anytime you need/want quick results in a short period of time. It's great to add every now and then to "shock your body." It's not 

Consult your doctor before starting any exercise and nutrition program.