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Dear Friend,

In order to reach a destination, you must know three things:

1. Where you are now
2. Where you want to go
3. The best way to get there

We're pretty certain you visited this page because you have a destination in mind for your body and overall health. But is it a clearly defined destination - a specific goal?

And what, precisely, is your plan for achieving it?

For most people, these are difficult questions to answer. And the truth is that in order to succeed - with certainty and speed - these questions need to be answered.

Otherwise, you can "spin your wheels" for months, or even years, and not make much progress. And that's a recipe for frustration.

I would like to invite you come out and see why Get You In Shape has been Coppell's #1 Group Personal Training program since 2007. We want you to see our community, meet our expert personal trainers and see how our positive uplifting environment can help YOU with encouragement, inspiration, accountability and motivation.

Normally an $87.00 value, you can claim one Free Fitness Session from Coppell's #1 Fitness program a complimentary Fitness Diagnostic Success Session with zero obligation, simply by submitting the form to the right...

Immediately after your trial session, you will sit down with Get You In Shape  and receive:

  • Specific to YOU information on how to TRANSFORM your body in record time (everyone is different, so you need to discover what will work for YOU)
  • Finally! Actionable, step by step advice on how YOU can achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • The Opportunity to sign on as a client and get fit and healthy once and for all (if there's availability)
  • A Free Week to experience WHY Get You In Shape has been featured on the Doctor's TV show, ABC, CBS, Dallas Morning News and other media outlets as experts in Fat Loss
  • And So Much More

For all this and more, just enter your details in the box below, click the button and we'll be in touch within the next 48 business hours to schedule your complimentary Fitness Diagnostic Success Session and your fitness session.

But hurry, space is limited! We are currently accepting a limited number of participants.

Real People....Real Results. We have over 475 Video Success Stories on our YouTube Chanel along. Check out just a few of them below.

Real People....Real Results. Below is our feature on ABC News, The Doctor's TV Show and our YouTube Playlist with hundreds of Success Stories.