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Coppell Trainer Tip Surviving Summer BBQs

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Are grills firing up in your neighborhood? Summer BBQs and parties are certainly fun but they can be a huge problem if you are trying to lose weight or stay lean.  Who doesn’t love getting an invitation to cook out and share some memorable times with friends and family?

However, if you’re a party animal (or just love to socialize), all those BBQs will start to sabotage your healthy habits. Does this mean that you have to turn down invitations and be a recluse all summer?

Far from it! You can go to all the BBQs you want as long as you follow some practical tips to help you stay on track.

Here are some suggestions to survive summer BBQs this season.

1. Eat before you go. You don’t have to be a fitness professional to know that the hungrier you are, the less willpower you have. Count on it: If you show up at a BBQ hungry, you are going to indulge in things that will cause you regret later. Instead, eat a small meal right before you go; you’ll have more self-control and you’ll fill up faster as well.

2. Use a small plate. Research has demonstrated that if you use a smaller plate, you will eat less. If there are different sized plates and bowls available, choose the smallest ones to eat from.

3. Fill up on fruits and veggies. Raw produce is cool, juicy, and crunchy, and it will fill you up quickly. It’s a smart choice on a hot summer day and will leave you feeling much more comfortable than if you indulged in fatty, salty snacks.grill-food

4. Use caution around the condiments. It doesn’t matter how many raw veggies you eat—if you slather them in ranch dressing, you’re not cutting calories. Mayo, ketchup, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, and dips are usually loaded with fat, calories, salt, flavor enhancers, and preservatives. Use condiments sparingly—to enhance the flavor of your food, not overpower it!

5. Take a healthy dish. If you know that there will be very little (or no!) healthy food at a cookout that you have been invited to, just offer to take a dish. That way, you have control over at least one menu item.

6. Go light on the beverages. You can down hundreds of calories in just a couple of beverages if you are not careful. Drinking calories isn’t very satisfying. Save the calories for the food and drink water or unsweetened tea instead.

7. Choose lean cuts of meat. Grilled fish or chicken breasts are a better choice than hamburgers, steaks, sausages, or hot dogs, which often have much higher amounts of fat and thus more calories.

8. Stay active. Don’t just sit around at the BBQs this summer. If others are up for a game of Frisbee or a brisk walk, join in. You can start burning off the extra calories you ate immediately!

With these tips in your arsenal, you will be well prepared to take on any BBQ that summer has to offer. Have fun!

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Personal Trainer Coppell – Running Tips from Chaney

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Personal Trainer Tip  –  Running: A Mental Checklist When Running

Here is a  simple HEAD TO TOE mental checklist you can do when you walk, jog or run.

  • Head
    • Stand tall and look forward. Chin up and eyes looking ahead of you. This will help prepare your body for proper alignment.
  • Shoulders
    • Pull those shoulders back and concentrate on your posture. Lead with your chest.
  • Elbows
    • Keep your arms close to your body and swing the arms straight in front of you and not across your body. Keep the elbows bent at 90 degrees with the palms facing in and not down at the ground. Also make sure your wrists are in a neutral position and not in extension or flexion.
  • Feet
    • Make sure to avoid heel striking or running on your toes. Try to land softly in the mid foot or ball of your foot. Practice running without your shoes to help train yourself. Best time to practice is when it is nice and warm. I think that is of course the best time for everything!!!

Use this little checklist can help you anytime you run whether it is short intervals during the mile run or if you are training for a race.

Video and Article Written by Coppell Personal Trainer and GYIS Trainer Chaney Respondek

Chaney Respondek has been a personal trainer with Get You In Shape since 2009. She has also been working as a speech pathologist for the past Nineteen years. She spent several years trying to find a way to provide motivation in her workouts. In 2008 Chaney began working out in the Get You In Shape fitness boot camp program after hearing from a coworker, Cynthia Linder.

Several months after starting the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp, she loved the program so much that she wanted to help other experience the same benefits as she experienced. Chaney soon began helping out in the new fitness boot camp clients in the program and really enjoyed meeting all the new clients. In 2010 Chaney obtained her certificate as a Certified Personal Trainer by the Cooper Institute.

Chaney has lost  15 pounds after her initial start. She has also utilized the 24 Day Challenge provided by Get You In Shape in order to lose additional pounds and participate in a healthier lifestyle. Her favorite thing about Get You In Shape is the ability to be outdoors and the flexible schedule that Brad and Cynthia offer her to be on the Get You In Shape team of personal trainer’s.

Chaney cares for the people within the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp. She has seen many people come in during the first week of boot camp and go on to achieve amazing results and begin a journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Chaney has lived in the Coppell area since 2003. She has worked in the Coppell school systems since 1997. She is well supported by her husband Bart who has provided encouragement to find a way to be more active. They have two boys in Middle school and High school that are proud of their mother’s achievements.

Coppell Trainer Spotlight Rookie of the Month – May 2015 – Laura Hazlewood

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The Get You In Shape team hand selects clients each month that we feel have transformed their health and fitness. This Get You In Shape Spotlight Rookie for March joined Get You In Shape in March 2015. Laura Hazlewood lives in Coppell and is Director of Sales for AT&T.

Q: Why did you deciLauraBeforeAfterde to join the Get You In Shape program?
I love the energy, the environment of the group and the message.

Q: What was your life like before joining the Get You In Shape Program?
Just as busy as it is today, but seemed overwhelming when it came to eating on the go.

Q: What was your first impression from the Get You In Shape program?
Awesome! I was a part of the program 7 years ago after my daughter was born so I am/was familiar with it but it has morphed over the years and I just love it. It’s motivating, positive, inclusive . . . . fantastic! It’s a LOT of hard work, but totally worth it.

Q: What have been some of the tools you have used that have benefited you?
MyFitnessPal is great, the app is easy to use and gives you an easy view on where you stand for the day on your nutrition, towards goals, where your gaps are etc. I also really appreciated my awesome Accountability Coach, Lotta. She and all of the trainers have been an invaluable asset and made the first month a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Q: How is the Get You In Shape program different from other programs you have tried before?
The people are the difference. I think anyone can order a product or show up to a gym, but there is nothing like the personal relationships to get you started and help you over the hurdles when you have them.

Q: What results and benefits have you experienced in the Get You In Shape Program?
I started the Boot Camp classes Monday March 2nd and the Cleanse portion of the AdvoCare regimen Thursday of the week before. When I weighed in on March 25th I had lost 9.9 pounds (towards a goal of 10), but more importantly, I had lost nearly 4 inches from my waist! That was amazing to me! Totally following the cleanse, the Advocare products and the dedication to completely being “all in” to the exercise is paying off. I do have more energy and feel great but my big goal was to feel great in my clothes, reduce the size of my waist and lose weight, I am on the road to success!

Q: What would you say to anyone looking at this program?
I completely recommend it! I enjoyed it and it was great 7 years ago and would say absolutely the same today. I will be a client for a LONG time, and am grateful for the opportunity.

5 Tips For A Lean Summer

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Coppell Trainer Tip

Summer is right around the corner and the last thing you want to be is unprepared when it hits! We want you to be the envy of all your friends this summer and we want to share our top 5 tips with you today!

 1)   Good Nutrition is a must for flat abs!

There is a saying that abs are made in the kitchen and it is 100% true. You can’t get great abs by doing sit ups, planks or leg lifts. Those things might help if you are lean, but if you have a little extra layer of fat around your midsection then you will be hiding that six pack forever.

To dial in your abs you have to dial in your nutrition and eat right. Focus on proteins and produce. Each meal from now all the way through the summer should be focused around lean proteins and produce. Make sure you are getting in at least 5 servings of vegetables a day as well.

Kick the carbs, ditch the fruit and up your protein to turn on that midsection melting metabolism.

 2)   Perform 3 total body workouts a week.

Focusing on just cardio is the #1 mistake that people make when getting ready for summer. Hitting the treadmill or the road isn’t going to get you to where you want to go. Stop spinning your tires and start pumping up your results with total body workouts.SummerKickStart

In just 30-45 minutes a day you could be well on your way to looking great this summer. Spend your precious time on big, compound movements that use lots of muscle mass and burn up tons of calories.

This simple three day plan would work wonders for most people:

Day 1

1a) Plank 3x30s
2a) DB Squat 4×8-12 reps
2b) DB Row 4×8-12 reps
3a) DB Reverse Lunge 2×20 reps
3b) Push Up 2×20 reps

Day 2
1a) Side Plank 3x30s each
2a) DB Deadlift 4×8-12 reps
2b) DB Shoulder Press 4×8-12 reps
3a) BW Split Squat 2×20 reps
3b) Band Pulldowns 2×20 reps

Day 3
1a) Mountain Climber 3x45s
2a) DB Squat to Press 4×8-12 reps
3a) DB Floor Press 3×10-15 reps
3b) DB Tall Kneeling Curls 3×10-15 reps
3c) DB Step Up 3×10-15 reps

Rest as little as possible between exercises and only 30s between sets

3)   Perform 3 HIIT sessions per week

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a fancy way of talking about intervals, but the key here is HIGH INTENSITY. My favorite types of workouts!

When performing HIIT type of training you can perform regular cardio type training or you can blend in some calisthenics or metabolic type movements such as burpees, mountain climbers, crawling, etc. Typically we use a work and rest timed sets for this type of training.

SummerKickStartDuring your journey to getting ripped this summer I suggest you add in 20 minutes twice per week to your routine. You can do this by performing 20 x 30s on / 30s off sets of the following:

1)   Burpees
2)   Mountain Climbers
3)   Sprint in Place
4)   Inchworm

If you complete 5 rounds of this doing 30s of all out work and then resting for 30s you will be able to drop some significant lbs!

4)   Control your portions!

No matter how you cut it getting ripped is about burning more calories than you consume! Eating the right type of foods means that you don’t have to feel hungry all the time but you must control the amount of food you are eating!

Start by including 1 palm size serving of protein at each meal, 2 handfuls of veggies and then include one thumb size of healthy fats such as oils or nut butters to each meal.

Eating this way 4 times a day will help keep your metabolism rocking and keep that lean muscle mass that makes you look long, lean and toned!


You don’t have to be perfect but you do need to be consistent to get great results. We follow the 90% rule for our workouts and nutrition. Eat right 90% of the time and hit 90% of your workouts and you will get great results. If you miss more than you are risking the chance to look great in your swim suit come Memorial Day!

This means if you are eating 4 meals a day, 7 days per week you have 3 meals that you can choose to skip or eat off plan for each week. If you want to really dial it in make it only 2! The workouts are just as important and you can’t skip more than 1 workout every two weeks to stay compliant.

Looking to get a jump start into Summer? We are excited about our Summer 28 Day Kick Start coming up.

Click Here to read information about it and apply to be chosen as one of the 15 people we are selecting.

Coppell Trainer Tip – Stretching the Hip Flexor

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Coppell Trainer Tip – Stretching the Hip Flexor
Check out the Trainer tip video from Julie below.

Get You In Shape Coppell Trainer Tip –  Stretching and Mobility

The hip flexor is a group of muscles that attach your femur, or thigh bone, to your pelvis and lumbar spine. The hip flexor allows you to raise your legs toward your torso. The muscles of the hip flexor are also responsible for keeping your hips and lower back strong, flexible and properly aligned.

The purpose of the hip flexors is so that you have trunk extension (going forward) , so that you can lift your knees up, so that you can move your legs front to back and side to side. This is very important for working out at our Coppell fitness sessions, important for walking everyday and important for runners.

The problem is that the hip flexors get shortened everyday because many of us sit down for hours each and every day. Government statistics suggest that almost half of us report sitting more than six hours a day; 65% say they spend more than two hours a day watching TV.

Consequences of Poor or Tight Hip Flexor Health
If your hip flexors are overdeveloped, tight, stiff or short, you’ll suffer from lower back pain and hip pain.  Tight hip flexors pull your pelvis into an unnatural forward tilt, which in turn pulls your lumbar spine out of alignment, causing lower back pain. Since the hip flexor is a major stabilizer of the lower body, if your hip flexor is too weak you’ll suffer from poor balance and postural problems. You may have problems with your hip joints and frequent misalignments in your lumbar spine. You’ll have trouble standing and walking for long periods of time.

Restoring hip mobility will help in several areas. It should reduce or eliminate lower back and/or knee pain stemming from overcompensation. It should improve your power output by allowing you to fully engage your posterior chain in training exercises just like we do at the Get You In Shape Coppell fitness sessions.

Hip mobility will improve your relationship with the rest of your body. Because the hips are the most common sites of poor mobility, many people are walking around with dysfunctions borne of overcompensation.

How do we improve our hip flexors and mobility around the hips?
The Get You In Shape Coppell fitness boot camp incorporates a warm up before starting each and every workout.
Before Coppell fitness workout – Start your workout with some dynCoppell Fitness Readyamic exercises (continual movement or stretch ) to help your hip flexors.
After your workout –

We have put some great Hip Flexor stretches on the video above. So make sure you check it out.


Click on the Picture to Get to Julie’s Advcoare page

Julie McCan, Lead Trainer @ Get You In Shape
Get You In Shape Client since 2008
Get You In Shape Trainer Since 2008
Certified Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise

Julie currently is the Lead Trainer at Get You In Shape.
She leads and assists the other Get You In Shape personal trainers. She leads the clients as the fitness sessions

Julie spent 24 years in telecommunications industry before making the decision to retire from corporate life and embark on a journey to find a new passion.   Since high school, personal fitness and overall wellness has been important to Julie.   Once retired, she was able to refine her focus on her fitness and health goals.

After losing over 15 pounds through diet and exercise, she decided to try one of Brad’s Fitness Boot Camps to push her to the next level.  Not only did she find what she was looking for in a total body workout, she also discovered her new passion may be in helping others with their fitness goals.  Timing could not have been better since Brad was looking to grow his business and found Julie to be a great fit with his desire to “hand pick” his team and help them grow into personal trainers that can motivate, challenge, instruct and ultimately lead Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camps.

Julie has a great deal of empathy for Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp clients that struggle with keeping their fitness and health goals as a high priority.  Her background,  that included various high stress management positions, lots of travel, and a family life to juggle, mirrors many Fitness Boot Camp clients.  Julie has been a resident of Coppell, TX since 1984 and feels a strong connection to the community and its residence.  Being able to help people in her own community is just one more perk in realizing her passion.

It is in a large part due to the strong support of Julie’s husband, Chuck and daughter Erin (a 2007 CHS graduate and graduate of Colorado State University), that she has been able realize this passion.  Through continuing education, certification courses and support from Brad Linder, she continues to learn and grow in her role as Lead Personal Trainer  at Get You In Shape. However, the biggest reward for Julie has been to actually see the joy in clients when they realize their own fitness goals and see results from Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camps.

Coppell Fitness Ready

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