September "Give the Gift of Health" contest -

September "Give the Gift of Health" contest


Aug 24

It’s Time for another Contest!

September is “Give to Get” Month. We want you to Give the Gift of health to your friends, neighbors, family member, and co-workers. In return, YOU GET!  You will have a chance to win multiple free Boot Camp Months, an IPad2, $150 Gift card and more!

September Gift of Health Contest

Christmas in July…err…September!

Dear Get You In Shape Boot Camp Member,

Ever heard of Christmas in July?  Well, at Get You In Shape, we’re doing Christmas in September.  Actually, it’s a contest.  A referral contest where you AND your have the opportunity to win one of three amazing prizes, including a new iPad2!

We’ve decided to have Christmas early this year.  You get to give the gift of health to someone you know and probably care a lot about, and at the same time get rewarded generously for doing so.  It’s all part of our “Give to Get” philosophy here at Get You In Shape. The best gift you can give to someone is the gift of health. We know you have benefited in our program and we want to GIVE YOU a big incentive to help Gift the Gift of Health to your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.  You give them the gift of health in the form of a $50 gift card which is good for ONE FREE WEEK OF OUR BOOT CAMP or a private fitness consultation where we can help go over their goals and best see how we can help them. In turn, we GIVE back to you if they end up signing up! It is a win -win situation for everyone. They will get a free test drive of our program for a full week to see if our program is something they want in invest in their health and fitness. If they join, YOU get all the benefits below. What does Get You In Shape get? We get the honor of helping more and more people experience our program and what benefits it can do for their lives.

Here is how the September contest works:

  1. You must be an active Get You In Shape Boot Camp member (signed up for September BC)
  2. For every friend/family member you refer to our program who purchases at least 3 months of boot camp, you’ll earn a FREE MONTH of boot camp.  For every 2 friends that join for 1 month you earn a FREE MONTH of boot camp.
  3. Whoever refers the most people who join our program during the month of September (they won’t actually start until October) will win a brand new iPad2!Quick Gift Card (front final)
    1. Second most referrals = $150 gift card to Run On
    2. Third most referrals = one hour massage
      In order to qualify for the 2nd or 3rd place price, there is minimum of 3 people you get to sign up. This just means you need to get at least 3 people to sign up for any of our programs for the October boot camp month to qualify for the prizes, you would still earn the free month or months of boot camp for the referral.

You will all get this letter along with the gift cards at boot camp on Wednesday or Friday (if you are not at boot camp on Wednesday). For those that are out those days, we will mail it to you.  If you want more than 2, just ask one of the trainers at boot camp as we have plenty.   It’s important that your friends/family members/co-workers follow these steps to redeem their gift card:

1)      They call us so we can help get them started ASAP. Their week has to be in September for this contest and calling us will speed up the process.

2)       They must present the gift card to us to redeem its value.

3)      Make sure they tell us who gave them the gift card so we can track the referrals for our contest.

4)      Make sure they know they have to use it during the month of September for it to count toward your chance to win a new iPad2!

Free Boot Camp, a new iPad2, a $150 gift card to Run On, and a free massage!  It’s all there for the taking.  If you need more gift cards just ask your trainer…we have plenty to go around.
Okay.  The only thing left to do is to give…give like crazy!  And when you do, you’ll see it come back to you seven-fold.  Good luck and Merry…err…??  You know what I mean.

What can you do to get your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family to join with you?

1. Go to and put 5 emails to be sent with our 6 Free Fitness Reports. This is a simple way to get people excited about getting free reports. Each report has an offer to try us out. You can follow up with them to see. See below about personally emailing a friend.

2. Pass out the  $50 Gift cards- You can take as many as you like.  We have a HUGE success rate from people who come “check it out”. You can pass these out or mail them with a personal story.

3. Let us speak a group you are involved with – Let Get You in Shape come speak to a group you are involved with about health and wellness. We can also offer everyone there a free boot camp trial class for those interested. This could be HUGE for you but it also allows us to spread the word.

4. Let us do a lunch and learn at your work – We have done a lot of lunch and learn with 30 minutes of quick tips on health and nutrition topics. We will also then give our Free Boot Camp Session handouts and sign up anyone interested in checking a session out. Again, for each person that signs up, you will get 10% off the next session.

5. Use our Mail Newsletters and E-Newsletters –
We have a Newsletter we mail out once a month that we can personally give to you. Just let us know how many copies you would like and we can make sure you get them. You can pass these out to your neighbors, a group you go to, or at work.  Not only will they get some helpful tips, recipes, and read testimonies, but they will get dates for the upcoming Get You in Shape events. Just forward our E-newsletter to your email list as we give great health and fitness tips each month that will help your family and friends and may get them to come check a session out with you.

6. Use Your imagination!
Since we are doing the referral program for you and so YOU can get more of a discount on the next boot camp for getting others to join, YOU can use your imagination.

7. Email a boot camp invitation–  Email friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, and even family members an invitation to just come try it out.

Have them call us at 214-603-8287. We’ll do the rest!

Brad Linder
Get You In Shape