Sale on Vitamins for Boot Campers this week only -

Sale on Vitamins for Boot Campers this week only


Jun 20

As you know, we always suggest are 24 Day Challenge as it is a great program for anyone looking for a kick start. One of the products in the 24 Day Challenge is called Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) Max. It has all the “good stuff” that the science says should be getting that we may not be getting from our daily diet.

Since most of the feedback we hear from our boot campers is energy and appetite control, we wanted to give you an incentive to try one of our top products out at a huge discount. For this week only, instead of paying $44.95 retail, you will only pay $30 for a box.
The MNS Max has three formulations; Each of them have 1) Core Multi-vitamin 2) Omega 3 Fatty Acid 3) pro-biotic for intestinal health 4) metabolic enhancer 5) appetite control
One of them is more on wellness, one of them is more on appetite control, one of them is more on energy.
Click on the different links to read the science behind each of them and to figure out which one you want.
MNS Max 3 – Click Here for info – more on overall wellness
MNS Max C – Click Here for info – more on appetite control
MNS Max E – Click Here for info – more on energy

Information about 1 week sale (June 20-June 25)

1. These retail for $42.95 or $44.95. The one week sale is only $30
2. Limit 1 per person
3. All boot campers can buy it (even if you already get an Advocare discount or on the MNS now)
4. Cash/check only
5. Email us and let us know what formulation you want. We will bring them on Wednesday and Friday of this week
6. Friday is the last day you can take advantage of this.

Here are the daily directions for each of the MNS Max formulations. Click on the link to see the directions

MNS Max 3