Personal Trainer Tip on Water Aerobics and Water Cardio -

Personal Trainer Tip on Water Aerobics and Water Cardio


Jun 05

Coppell, TX – Boot Camp and Personal Trainer tip by Get You In Shape Trainer Chaney Respondek of Coppell, TX.

Water Aerobics Tip

With summer coming and the weather getting hotter, I am trying to find ways of getting in my cardio (other than running) where I can still be outside.  Water aerobics is a great alternative to running and it is really good for anyone with injuries because it is low impact.  As I was searching the internet, thinking there must be specific “water aerobic exercises”, I realized they are all similar to ones we already do in boot camp.  Listed below are some exercises to get you started in the pool.

  1. High knee run – Be sure to bring the knees to the chest to add in some core movement.  Keep body upright as you run through the water.
  2. Bum kicks – Similar to the High knee run, keep body in line and upright.
  3. Line jumping – This is like “side to side” and “front to back” that we do in a cardio set.  Pretend you have a line on the bottom of the pool and jump over it.  First go side to side then change it to front to back.  Be sure to bring knees up all the way to the chest to increase the intensity.
  4. Jumping jacks – this is great for upper and lower body.  Don’t lean forward in the water.  Stand tall while doing this exercise.

For some core exercises, you can use a noodle or keep your hands on the side of the pool.

  1. Leg extensions – With back to the side of the pool, extend arms out and hold on to the edge.  While trying to keep your body close to the surface with legs extended,  bring knees in close to the chest then extend again.
  2. Oblique leg extensions – Similar to leg extensions, just twist torso while bringing legs to chest on right side first then left side.

These are just a couple of exercises you can do that are very effective and cardio intensive.  In between each exercise, take a lap around the pool in each direction.  You can also think of other exercises we do at Boot Camp and modify it for the pool.  Be creative and keep your body moving.  Remember, any time your body is moving, you are burning calories.