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Personal Trainer Food – Ready made healthy food that fits with our programs.

When it comes to getting in shape or losing weight, everyone knows that nutrition is 70% to 80% of the battle. Get You In Shape has found a great company to help with folks that need a healthy meal but may not have time to cook one.  Personal Trainer Food is a company that was introduced to me by another personal trainer in the Dallas Area. He has been using this program with his clients for quick some time now and getting some great results. I like that the meals are all-natural, prepackaged, cooked, and pre-portioned. The idea is that you take the “time” excuse for reasons why you don’t eat  healthy out of the equation. The meal movement is all done for you meal preparation. You just buy the food, it comes to your house, and when you need a quick and health meal it is there. Get You In Shape contacted  Personal Trainer Food and is now hooked because the way the food is made, how is tastes, and how it fits our program.
You be the judge. Below is a List of basic or common questions that is from their website. Cynthia and I use these meals ourselves when we don’t have time to cook and they run out fast.

Personal - Trainer Food


Personal Trainer Food  – Frequently Asked Questions

This is from the website – Many Meal Programs, Diets, Weight Loss Plans to choose from. Please let us know if we have not addressed any of your issues.

  • How much does the program cost?
    We sell 4 – 28 day meal programs.
    1. Favorites – $369*
    2. Lunches & Dinners – $299*
    3. Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners – $329*
    4. Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners & Snacks – $389*
    5. Breakfasts, Dinners & Snacks – $329*
    6. Lunches, Dinners & Snacks – $339*
    7. Protein Pack – $339*
    * Plus $23.99 Fedex Ground Charges
  • Is this real food or Dehydrated Military food like other popular diet programs?
    We sell only ‘real’ natural pre-cooked, fresh frozen foods with no preservatives or processed fillers.
  • Will I have to buy additional food to add to my meals?
    No, we give you plenty food in each order. People are amazed when they see how much food they receive.
  • What makes Personal Trainer Food so unique?
    a. Taste – Second to none.
    b. Individually Bagged – These are not TV dinners
    c. Affordable – $10.50 to $13 a day
    d. Sustainable – Teaches you how to eat
    e. Simple – Portioned, Ready in 90 seconds
  • Really, What about Taste?
    No games here, just check out our taste test challenge where we put our food up against the competition and even Chili’s.
  • Is your food organic?
    No. To keep our prices down, we do not sell organic food.
  • How soon will I get my food?
    Orders in by 3:30CST will be shipped that day. See our zip code calculator to see when your food will arrive.
  • Is this a hard diet to learn and follow?
    No, it’s the easiest diet (actually non-diet!) you will ever do. You simply grab a bag of entrée, a bag of vegetables and you heat it up! Yes, it’s that simple! And since our food tastes so good, it’s easy to stick with.
  • Is this program for children or seniors?
    Absolutely! It’s for everyone. Simple to prepare and portioned perfectly, an 8 or 80 year old can prepare and enjoy.
  • What theory is your weight loss based on?
    ‘Avoid Processed Foods’ theory. It’s the way we ate 50 years ago before America was obese. Simple, great tasting food with none of the processed fillers.
  • How do I prepare the food?
    Our unique bags allow you to heat in a microwave for 60-90 seconds or you can heat in a conventional oven for about 15 minutes.
  • Do you Auto Bill my Card?
    No. We never auto bill or have hidden fees.
  • Where are you located?
    Fort Worth, TX
  • How is the food shipped?
    We ship our food in large styrofoam coolers which keep your food frozen fresh. Shipments outside of Texas are packed with dry ice. We use Fedex Home Delivery.
  • What is the Nutritional Value?
    While we are firm believers that natural food diets require no nutritional tracking, we respect that some folks have medical conditions which require nutritional information. Our breakdown is as follows:
    60-70% Protein
    20-30% Healthy Carbs
    10-20% Healthy Fats
    To see our nutritional and allergy ingredients, click here.
  • How much Weight is lost?
    If you follow Personal Trainer Food 10 rules, you should lose 2-4 lbs per week minimum. Of course everyone is different and there are several factors which could improve or reduce this number.

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Why The Meal Movement Works

While our food is not magic it does combine all the necessary ingredients to help you learn what to eat.
Great Taste
Large Variety
Excellent Customer Service
100% Money Back Guarantee

How the Meal Movement works

a. You order food online and it’s delivered to your door via Fedex Ground
b. You go into shock when you see how much food we give you…it’s a lot!
c. Remove all sugar and simple starch items from your home so you are not tempted.
c. You begin eating the Meal Movement Food…You eat 1 Meat + 1 Vegetable for every lunch & dinner. You eat our real egg products for breakfast, you munch on our snacks throughout the day.
d. Within 2 weeks, you experience sugar and processed food withdrawals
e. Your body begins burning fat as its primary source of fuel
f. You should be exercising every day in moderation for 15-25 minutes. If you are in great shape…go ahead and exercise longer.
g. You begin losing weight and reducing size. You have more energy. You sleep better at night.
h. By week 4, you experience the ‘aha moment’. You get it. It begins making sense. By simply eating natural foods…you now understand the physical and mental aspects of health, weight loss & nutrition.
YES…it is that simple!

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