Personal Trainer Coppell Tip of the Day -

Personal Trainer Coppell Tip of the Day


Oct 26

Tuesday off-day Cardio
5 minute warm up streches | 5 minute core work
30-45 interval Training
1 Min slow, 1 min fast
Coppell Boot Camp | Dallas Fitness Camp
Quote of the Day~ Every day when? you wake up, You make a choice to be happy or sad. The course of your path may vary, but this choice is still yours within the options. Be proactive in your positive perspective. Think of the beneficial possibilities of the right choice and its effect. We usually know the effect of the wrong choice, another lesson. With the right choice we always find joy and self satisfaction.

24 Day Challenge is next Tuesday night – CLick Here for more information

Comment below what you did for cardio today or what your favorite movie is.

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