Personal Trainer - Coppell Boot Camp Monday Motivation -

Personal Trainer – Coppell Boot Camp Monday Motivation


Feb 07

Since this week’s tip was with help from fellow boot camp Janet Fetsch, I though it would be motivating to hear her stroy and how choosing to start our program has help change her life.

Story is both motivating and inspirational. Make sure you check out the Tip of the week to see one of the big tools she has used to help her with her successful results.

My name is Janet Fetsch. I work at a bankersbank in Las Colinas and live in Coppell. I joined Get You in Shape in July 2009.

Before starting with Get You In Shape, I was single, working at a bank in Las Colinas. I had just finished the MBA program at TCU and purchased my first house. I had already achieved many of my big goals and my life seemed very successful, but I did not feel good about myself because of my body shape.

I decided to join Get You In Shape after I  had reached my heaviest weight ever at 180 pounds and a size 14 (almost 16) in the winter of 2008.  Driving home after Christmas at Grandpa’s house, I had to unfasten the belt on my jeans AND unzip my pants just to breathe. I felt awful! I could not wear any of the cute clothes in my closet. I started dressing in layers, avoiding skirts, and hated looking at pictures of myself. The final straw was when I saw a picture of me at my sister’s college graduation in May. My face was so round, and I was wearing a new, cute, “fat” dress. I thought, “This has GOT to stop!” I could already see that the road I was on would only lead to more problems with my self-esteem, not to mention my physical health. I knew that if I didn’t have confidence in myself, no employer would promote me to the level I deserved. If I didn’t even like myself, how could I ever expect the man God prepared for me to love me?

I had tried exercising on my own for several months but was not consistent and so was not seeing any results. I could not recognize any more changes to make in my own diet – I felt like it was already pretty healthy. I knew that I hated gyms – I wanted to exercise outdoors! I priced personal trainers but that was out of my price range.  As in all good decisions, I prayed about it. The next weekend I looked at the church bulletin and discovered Get You in Shape!

The price was something I could afford, and was willing to pay to get results. Based on the testimonials featured on the Get You In Shape website, I thought it sounded like a great value. The pictures showed people of all shapes and sizes having fun, exercising outdoors in a beautiful park. And, they promised that despite the term, “boot camp”, they would not yell or be mean!

From the very first week, Personal Trainer’s Brad, Cynthia, and Julie were very friendly at the information session. I thought I would just attend that, and consider joining later. But they were so welcoming and genuine that I decided not to wait another month.

Julie was the trainer for us new members during the first week. I was happy that I recognized many of the exercises from my high school coaches, so I didn’t have to learn too many new movements. And, Julie was such a good teacher that she made it easy to learn everything we needed to know.

During my first month I was impressed at how many members had been a part of the boot camp for an extended period of time. They told me they got results, did not get burned out, and they enjoyed the people they were meeting! I couldn’t wait to become a “long-timer”.

I have used tools from the Get You In Shape program that has helped me along the way.  Cynthia’s nutrition counseling made all the difference in the world for me. The exercise is amazing – I had become a happier person, my body felt great, I was sleeping well every night – but I went nearly two months without losing a single pound! After talking with Cynthia, I started keeping a food journal and discovered that even though I was eating a balanced diet, I was consuming too many calories, and that was keeping me from losing the weight.

It has been 18 months since I started the Get You in Shape program. It took one year to reach my goal weight and size, and I have maintained it now for six months. Making small steps over the course of that year allowed me to develop good habits.  Nothing was overwhelming about this program.

Because I was exercising regularly and my eating habits improved, I was able to withstand a very stressful time in my work. I was rewarded this summer with a promotion! After losing that first dress size, my self-esteem improved enough that I joined Toastmasters, a public speaking club, and now actually enjoy speaking in front of other people.  I have been dating a very nice guy for several months now. He says that I caught his eye at a party where I was laughing and talking with friends, and he was attracted to my self-confidence. He could tell early on that I took care of myself, and was not the type to let anyone hold me back.

Get You In Shape provided everything I needed to achieve goals that I had never been able to do before in my life. Brad, Cynthia, Julie and Cheney are truly the best mentors one could ask for. Their warm and friendly personalities