Nutrition Product of the week - Fiber Drink -

Nutrition Product of the week – Fiber Drink


Oct 05

Advocare Product of the Week –
This goes right along with the Tip of the week. There are many days when you just can not seem to get the 25-35 grams of fiber that you know you should be getting. It would benefit you to take a good fiber supplement to help make sure you get your

Advocare's Fiber Drink has 10 grams of fiber

Advocare's Fiber Drink has 10 grams of fiber

daily needs. We recommend Advocare’s Fiber Drink.

Advocare’s Fiber Drink is rich in the fibers your body needs to work at its best.*
Each serving provides 10 grams of dietary fiber, helping you easily reach the recommended amount of 25-30 grams each day.
Each serving provides six grams of soluble fiber and four grams of insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs water in your stomach and intestines and provides a feeling of fullness that helps curb your appetite.* Soluble fiber can also help minimize the absorption of fats and sugars. Insoluble fiber does not absorb water, but rather moves quickly through your system, cleansing the digestive tract and eliminating waste as it goes.* Once your digestive tract is cleansed by the insoluble fibers in Fiber Drink, your body will be able to better absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients, leading to better health.*
Fiber can also help maintain cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range directly by minimizing the absorption of lipids, and indirectly by helping you make better food choices.*
Finally, fiber plays a role in management of already healthy blood sugar levels by slowing the digestion and absorption of glucose.*
And Fiber Drink‘s two delicious, fruity flavors make getting your daily fiber easy.

For more information about Advocare’s Fiber Drink, CLICK HERE

Is this you?
Someone who does not consume the recommended daily amount of fiber
Someone looking for well-rounded health and wellness
Someone looking for a way to enhance your weight management
Someone who suffers from occasional constipation or diarrhea
Someone looking for an easy-to-digest fiber supplement that tastes great

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For more information about Advocare’s Fiber Drink, CLICK HERE

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