WHO ELSE WANTS TO LOSE 10-30+ Pounds In Just
8 Weeks Starting 2016?

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New Year Challenge!

  • Step By Step "Follow The Darn Instructions" Nutrition Program
  • Coaching & Accountability Program
  • Lead By Fitness Professionals With A Proven Track Record
  • Group Support + Professional Accountability + Proven Program = Results

This is for you if...

  • ​You Want 2016 To Be YOUR Year To Transform Your Body
  • You Need A Jump Start After You Let Yourself Go Through the Holidays
  • You Are Looking To A Step-By-Step National Program That Have Has Already Been Proven To Work 
  • To Jump Start Your New Years Goals
  • You Want To Feel and Look Better In Your Clothes
  • You want to follow a proven program, enjoy group support and need accountability

We all want to lose weight, have more energy or even perform better but here is the Problem...

  • Without having the KNOWLEDGE of knowing how to put a complete nutrition and wellness program together, people will continue spinning their wheels over and over again trying the next "new thing" to help then lose weight, have more energy and be productive.
  • People do not have a WORKABLE PLAN OF ACTION to help them get started. Many people have great intentions of losing weight but simply don't have an ACTION PLAN to help them achieve their goals. We call this the "Follow The Darn Instructions" plan because this Challenge will give you all the step by step tool and directions for each day.
  • People fail because they do not have the SUPPORT SYSTEM in place to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Having helped hundreds of people since 1999, ACCOUNTABILITY is easily the #1 reason people don't stick to a program. It's easy to go back to your old habits when you don't have anyone to help you stay motivated and accountable.

The New Year Total Transformation Challenge Is PACKED With Value! It's PACKED with added tools and benefits to help you start 2016 with great RESULTS!

By joining our Group Challenge , you’ll get the following benefits:

An Accountability Coach to help walk with you

We have helped hundreds of people go through this program. We have a step by step system to help you maximize your results because you are NOT alone. You have a dedicated coach to help you start, stick and stay!

Eating Plan

Learn once and for all exactly what, when and how you should be eating as an individual in order to reach your goals. Tools, grocery lists, what you should and shouldn't eat and much more nutrition.

Advocare Nutritional Products

Comprehensive nutritional products designed to give your body the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals. There's something for everyone whether you are looking for weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness.


*Nutrition Guide Book: This gives you step by step information. Included in this book are nutrition tips, a restaurant guide, a grocery list, success tips, healthy recipes, and a nutrition FAQ section to answer any questions that may come up.

* Proven Program - This is a national program that has been already been proven to work if you do.

*Professional Coaching – Led by the area's top fat loss experts, you will get help from professional fitness trainers. You will get unlimited help and support. You will not only receive emails, but also calls along the way to encourage you, answer any questions you may have, and keep you on track.

* 10 + Tip Fitness Professionals - You will get access to some of the nations top fitness professionals that are all leading the Total Transformation new Year Challenge. Through the weekly webinar's and our Private Facebook page, you will not only have support and coaching from your local coach, you will have access to some of the top trainers in the nation with experience coaching this nutrition program.

* Group Support – Get involved with other like-minded people that are looking to look, feel and perform better. You will get group motivation, group support, group inspiration, group accountability and group encouragement. We also ask that you reciprocate that to the group.

* Private Facebook Group
– More Group Accountability and Support along with daily tips, education and motivation.

* Group Meetings
– Kick Start Meeting, a few coaching meeting during and the final meeting to get weighed and measured, go over  "what’s next" and to help you with customizing a long term plan to help you reach your goals.

* Email System: To help educate you, encourage you, motivate you and keep you accountable along the way.

* Private Tools Page: This page has every tool you need to be successful during your journey. This is only available to contest participants.

* Nutritional Supplement Program:
You will start off on the 24 Day Nutrition System which is a comprehensive supplementation program. This program gives your body the jump start it needs to help you reach your goals. It is designed to feed lean muscle and create an environment in your body where fat can be used as fuel. Sugar and fat cravings will be reduced. Your appetite will be under control and your energy levels will be consistent throughout the day. This program fills in the gaps that your daily nutrition misses.

* $1000 Up For Grabs - If you are competitive or thrive off of WINNING, there is $1000 cash being given away for the top winners.


Enter The ONLY COST of the program is for the nutritional products that are a part of the program. All the tools, coaching, email, group support and private facebook group are FREE to you with the program. Our mission is to change the health and fitness of our nation ONE person at a time. We do that by getting you "see it in the mirror results.  Your friends and family will be encouraged at what you are doing by seeing you reach your goals. That in turn helps us impact more lives and therefore helps us take one step closer in fulfilling our mission.

The Kick Off Meeting will go over the entire program with 3 different pricing options to choose from. The basic option, though, comes out to about $50/week for the program. We will offer a 24 Day Option and a 8 Week option.

We Can Only Except the First 20 People That Sign Up!

REAL PEOPLE REAL RESULTS! See What Results Past Participants Did With The Challenge. 


"I lost 16 pounds, 16 inhces and 8.76 body weight! I am different. I have learned that there truly isn't a magic pill that you can take to lose weight and be healthy." Ellie H.

"I 've lost 23.2  pounds. I lost 12.4 in the first 24 Days and an additional 10.8 in the remaining weeks. More importantly, I feel better. I have stopped drinking massive quantities of coffee, am sleeping better and have a new desire be healthy again.

“I AM SO EXCITED AND NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THESE NUMBERS AGAIN ON THE SCALE! lost 20 Pounds, 18 inches and 8.30% body weight. " Tara S.

Kim Before After Side 450

"I lost 10 Pounds in the first 24 Days and a total of 23 Pounds. I lost over 21 inches, fit into my old clothes  that I have not worn in years and feel GREAT!" Kim J.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Who Is This Program For?

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This sounds too good to be true, will it really work?

What is the Total Transformation Challenge?

What can I expect with the  Total Transformation Challenge?

What kind of results can I expect?

How much is this program?

What If I Don't Want To Win The Cash?

"I am finally got back to her weight before getting married and having two kids. I feel so much better about myself and my energy is amazing." Felicia

"Going from a size 12 to a 4 has definitely changed my confidence and my life!"

"I wanted to let you know how much the Challenge has helped me in just a few short months. Thanks for giving me all the tools, encouragement, motivation and inspiration to make the changes to my life. Going from a size 12 to a 4 has definitely changed my confidence and my life. Thank YOU!”

- Steph P.

"I lost 15 Pounds in the first 24 Days and went on to lose a total of 30 pounds"

"I have lost 30 pounds beyond this Challenge. And most importantly, I have maintained my weight for over a year. Maintaining weight loss and keeping a healthy diet were my biggest challenges before joining . I am definitely more conscious of everything I put into my body. I’m not always perfect, but I feel this program has given me the tools to easily get back on track. The weight loss has enabled me to clean out my closet and buy all new clothes!"

- Brandon Cox of Coppell, TX