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My Goals For Myself


Jan 05

“What do you do to stay in such great shape at 41?”

The picture to the right is from a picture I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago before Christmas my first Christmas 12 years ago with Cynthia. 0328006-r1-037-17

I got a number of responses mainly about how I look the exact same and that nothing had changed.

Being in the health and fitness since 1998 I always get asked.. “What do you do?” 

This blog is simple.

I want to share what I do to STRIVE to be the best and healthiest version of myself so that you can benefit from the nuggets in here. 

I’ll start by saying I am not perfect so I am just sharing what has helped and continues help me.

“Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE”
Darren Hardy

This is something I use to help me in all areas of my life. As it relates to my health and fitness, I truly believe that it applies.

I want to be more, do more, become more and accomplish more in 2017.

Are you ready? 

1) Write it down and make a plan
For me…this was a tough exercise the first time I did this years ago. GoalSetting

Now that my circumstances have changed (I’m 41, have 4 kids and run a coaching and fitness business) I’ve got to put my goals on paper and set a plan to achieve them. 

My health and fitness goals have changed a lot over the years. Mainly because my life and my circumstances have changed as well.

My goals are a lot different than when I was 20 years old and playing college basketball.
My goals are a lot different than when I was 30 years old and just got married.
My goals are even different today than last year. Yours should be too.

My health and fitness goals for 2017 are:
Goal #1
Get in 3 GYIS workouts each week. This just 3 resistance training workouts each week. I work at my own fitness sessions so I am a little biased because it’s the most functional fitness training I believe I need based on my personal goals.

Goal #2
20-30 minutes of something on the off-days. For me this is Tuesdays, Thursdays and most Saturdays.

Goal #3 Mobility/Stretching everyday. This is something that I have found is imperative for me at. Getting in at least 20 minutes of mobility/stretching in at least 5 times a week will allow my body to feel better throughout the day and also recover faster from my workouts.

Goal #4
Participate in 3-4  Nutrition Lifestyle Challenges in 2017.

This is simply participating in our nutrition program  that I will be leading and coaching. This helps me RE-BOOT and dial in on my nutrition with a structured nutrition and supplement plan. It goes hand in hand with #2 below.

So there you have it. My goals for myself in 2017.  I hope you notice that I just shared with you my top 4 health and fitness goals for 2017.

In the end, just the act of writing down your goals increased your odds of actually hitting your goals by 42%.

So I do it.

For you…I would take time out to write down some specific goals down on paper and some reasons why I wanted to achieve them.

You have to know what you want and WHY you want it in order to even start.

Without that, your just going through the motions and will certainly go back the starting line before you know it. 

If you want step by step directions, go here to my blog about setting goals.

2) Get an Accountability Buddy/Coach
For me…..I’ve always done better when I have been held accountable. Going back to my basketball days I remember I always did best when I knew I had a team of players looking for me to do something.

This is one reason why I participate in our own Group Challenges. Although I am the coach and “leader” of the group, I personally continue to run the support and accountability Challenges I lead because I need it also. I am motivated, inspired and HELD ACCOUNTABLE by the other folks in the group.

We all need accountability. In all areas of our lives. This is just one area.

It’s no secret, we all do better when we are held accountable to our actions.

For accountability buddy/coach can be a spouse, friend, co-worker or a group of people.

When you feel like quitting or getting off the road, you know you have someone or a group there to help keep you going and  accountable for the goals you set.

For our programs, clients come to us because they realize that they simply are not going to do what they know they need to do on their own.

The Accountability aspect just comes in and becomes that motivation, support and encouragement they need.

3) Use MyFitnessPal
For me..If you are trying to lose weight or gain weight.. this is a must tool to you to help you achieve results. This was something I did for a long time for my own personal results. I call it a great tool because for me it allowed me to learn over a period of time what my body needed to LIVE OPTIMALLY. Not only can I lost body fat or gain lean muscle easier with this tool it will also give you more motivation and accountability through a number of great ways.

I realized what my body needed on a daily basis to achieve results.

I would track everything I put in my mouth using the # app out there.

For You..keeping journal has been proven to help double your results.  Wouldn’t it seem like a no-brainer to add this if you’re trying to get in the best shape of your life?

MyFitnessPal make it even easier along with giving some motivation and notifications. 

I can go back and look at all our our spotlights of clients in Coppell with the Get You In Shape program and share that majority of them will say one of the biggest tools for them achieving results was MyFitnessPal.

Don’t reinvent the wheel and use the #1 app out there to journal. This alone can be your nutritionist along with helping with motivation, accountability and support (you can add friends)
Here is our blog about MyFitnesspal that explains a lot more.

4) Follow a Proven Program
For me.. it’s been about staying consistent with my CORE 3. Nutrition, Supplementation and Fitness.
That is the proven program. I realized after playing overseas as I was getting a little older that what I put in my body was more important than how I moved my body.

Don’t get me wrong, I know fitness and exercise plays a big role in achieving the results you are looking for. That’s why fitness is one of my biggest passions because I understand the value of it.

Fitness also play a huge roles in your long term health.

Nutrition, though, is the foundation of all health.

For you..I would get in a program that covers all of the that’s already been proven to work.

A step by step program that I just need to do is “follow the darn instructions”.

I learned a long time ago to follow people that have already paved the road for you and been successful.

Why try “doing it on my own” when a proven program can help make the journey more enjoyable and easier.

I personally would like the program to be a group program because I tend to do well with like-minded people like me.

If you are in the Coppell Area, the Get You In Shape program may be a good fit for you. You can go here and learn more about it and sign up for a free session to see if it would be a good fit for you or not.

If you are not in the coppell area, we designed our 24 Day Kick Start and Nutrition Coaching to be virtual.

There you have it. Four things I would do if I wanted to get in the best shape of my life in 2017

Don’t over complicate things. Keep it simple.

Take care of the most important asset you have first. YOU!

Take some time to write down some things you would like to see happen.

I’m talking about feeling good about what I see when I look in the mirror.

I’m talking about having more energy to play and run around with my 4 kids.

 I’m talking about taking care of my body so that I can be more of the person God made me.

I’m taking about knowing that I was given gifts to be used to help the more energy, productivity and healthy I am …the more people I can serve.

Does any of that sound like you would like happen to you in 2017?

If so, follow the four tips above and you can certainly reach those goals and get in the best shape of your life in 2017.

Make it Happen!

Brad and Cynthia Linder are the owners of Get You In Shape in Coppell, TX.

As a former professional basketball player, Brad utilized the knowledge attained from a Master’s degree in Health, Kinesiology and Sport Studies, to optimize his performance. With an extensive background in fitness and nutrition, he naturally wanted to share this knowledge with others as he entered into the health and fitness field. Since 1999, Brad has been able to help thousands of participants and clients. Brad has created and produced the Get You In Shape DVD and has been featured as a fitness expert on television and in newspaper articles. Brad has pioneered a high intensity boot camp called Get You In Shape Boot Camp, which has received rave reviews. It was featured in The Obama Diaries, by Laura Ingraham. Get You In Shape was also featured on The Doctor’s TV show with Jillian Micheals as being one of the Top Fitness Companies in Texas.

Cynthia Linder is a former schoolteacher with a Masters Degree in Special Education. She has learned firsthand how to drop dress sizes and get in shape. Struggling for most her adult life to eat healthy and maintain a lifestyle of fitness, she met Brad in 2004. She is now a walking testimony going from a size 10/12 to a size 4/6 and keeping it off. Cynthia has a huge desire to help others by motivating, encouraging, and inspiring others to reach for their goals.

Brad and Cynthia’s fitness business, Get You In Shape, has grown into one of the leading fitness companies in the Dallas area. What started as one man’s mission has grown into a business that offers fitness boot camps, corporate wellness, private training, and nutritional programs. Clients range from high-end millionaires to dedicated housewives. The simple approach of Get You In Shape is to educate, encourage, motivate, and inspire clients to achieve their personal goals. Because of this comprehensive approach to health and wellness, Get You In Shape is ranked in the top tier of fitness businesses in the Dallas, Texas area.

Brad and Cynthia Linder, owners of Get You In Shape, recently joined a select group of the world’s leading health and fitness entrepreneurs to co-write the health and fitness book titled, 3 Steps To YOUR BEST BODY In Record Time: America’s Leading Fitness Experts Reveal The Proven 3-Step System To The Body You Always Wanted…In Minimum Time. On the day of release, 3 Steps To YOUR BEST BODY skyrocketed to best-seller status on, reaching as high as #69 overall in the Amazon Top 100. The book reached #1 in both the Quick Workouts and Weight Training Categories, while reaching #3 in the Exercise and Fitness category and #24 in Health, Mind and Body category.

Get You In Shape has been featured on The Doctor’s TV show. Click Here to see the episode.

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