Meal Replacement Shake - Effect on Blood Sugar levels -

Meal Replacement Shake – Effect on Blood Sugar levels


Jul 25

What effects do AdvoCare ® Meal Replacement Shakes have on blood sugar levels?

The effects of drinking a Chocolate, Berry or Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake on blood sugar levels are presented in the graph below. The results clearly show that the Meal Replacement Shakes have relatively little impactMealReplacementShapeAdvocare on blood sugar levels as compared to a standard serving of sugar (50 grams). Blood sugar levels on average increased from approximately 88 mg/dL to approximately 96 to 100 mg/dL and returned to baseline within 60 minutes. The average glycemic load for Meal Replacement Shakes is approximately 4 as compared to 50 for glucose. Glycemic load is a determination of the relative effects that a food will have on blood sugar levels, and is determined by dividing the glycemic index by 100 and multiplying by the grams of absorbable carbohydrates in a given portion of food.

The effects of taking three Carb-Ease ™ capsules 15 minutes before consuming either a Berry or Chocolate Shake are also presented in the graph. Blood sugar levels were not as high as without Carb-Ease and returned to baseline more rapidly when used.

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