Lifestyle Nutrition Options and Discount Levels -

Lifestyle Nutrition Options and Discount Levels


Sep 22

The Lifestyle Supplement Options We Recommend!

Go To our Advocare site here and scroll down to choose one of the 4 options above.

Advocare 4 Ways to Engage and Discounts!

Advocare Recommendations for Lifestyle
Option #1 – Metabolic Nutrition System – $2.50/day

Option #2 – Metabolic Nutrition System + Spark – $3.80/day

Option #3   Metabolic Nutrition System + Spark + Shakes = $6.40/day

Option #4 Metabilicy Nutrition system + Spark + Shakes + Catalyst + ThermoPlus

Go To our Advocare site here and scroll down to choose one of the 4 options above.


I cannot see my day without the high quality nutrition I know I get from the AdvoCare products. The AdvoCare nutrition is just a replacement of what I would spend on daily things anyway; from energy drinks, coffee, fast food or snacks at the convenience store, to eating out. I choose to replace that with the AdvoCare nutrition that I know will help me live optimally, which is the way we all should want to live. 

We know that this is just the beginning, but we also want you to look back and see everything that you have done to better yourself, improve your health and to make a bigger impact in the people around you. 

That is what this program is all about! 

As with most folks, we highly suggest that everyone continues one with at least the basic option after this initial 4 weeks. Scroll up to watch the video’s.

Let’s talk about discount.

I know that you may be thinking about the investment in the products, with the basic option only being $2.50/day I feel that anyone can benefit from the option one and I know that those that have invested in their health beyond one or two month (daily over a period of time) tend to achieve the lifestyle and results they desire long term.

nderstanding that this may be about continuing on with the Advocare products and getting the highest level of discounts.
The video here  explains in detail on the different levels of discounts.

Please take some time to check it out and reply back if you have any questions or we can go over it more in detail in the 3rd meeting. Just know that  want to help you get the highest discount on the products if you feel like you are going to continue to use them in your journey.

If you want a more detailed version that explains more about the discounts and how to earn some money by sharing the products with others, click here or on the picture below.


Remember to let us know if you have any questions 

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