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Post Event Information


May 15

First off – THANKS! We had a successful event and it could not have happened without everyone’s effort.

As a team we are at $15000! Most of the donations will come after the event so we are very excited that our huge goal of $17,500 as a team could possibly take place. It takes a little effort from everyone to make this happen so I have put a few things to help the next few  days be easier for everyone.

1. It not over – We have actually raised more money in the last two years after the event than before. Remember that people are looking for ways to give back and since this an awesome cause with a great charity (501-C tax-deductible) , a lot of your friends and family would love to help you in your efforts.

2. Use the tools – We have provided you with easy tools to get folks you know to donate on your behalf for doing pushups for charity.Here is the info-pack
You would re-word some of the writing since the event was

3. Share your pictures with folks – Promote what you did give them the Team fundraising website page or your own personal fundraising page to help with our team.

3. Collecting Offline Donations –
Either one of these below will work as once the Boot
Campaign gets the information, they will send the donor
the receipt and a thank you card in the mail.

You can go to . Make sure you
put your name as the participant and Get You In Shape as the team
so we both can get credit for it in the system.

Here is the donation form that you can use and get back to me and I
will manually punch it in for you and for the team.

From there you will need to either get  donation form above with the
check to me or mail it to the address that is on the donation form.

We also need to input it on the Crowdrise page.
Here is the  link that you can watch how to record your
off-line donations on your fundraising site.

It is a lot of work, I know, so if you just want to get the donation
form filled out (with all the correct donor information) and get it to
me asap, I will do all the dirty work to get it in and so that they get
information back in the mail from The Boot Campaign.

We will announce the standards for pushups at the Coppell High School. But for the ones going again the Coppell Fire and Coppell Police, we will require that your chest touches the sponge and your elbows be locked at the top.
Here is a video

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