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Coppell, TX – Kids Weight Loss and Fitness Programs – Benefits of kids and exercise!


May 26

Benefits of Exercise in our kids!


Kids Fitness Programs in Dallas

Kids Fitness Programs in Coppell, TX

What is the big deal about exercise for kids? If you went to a mall 20 years ago and sat and watched kids all day and went today to watch, it should be easy to see that we have a problem with children and weight. It is easy to see that the shape of children today are different from when we grew up. WHY? One main reason would be less exercise. When it comes to exercise and fitness for children these days, they still have many activities to choose from (even though many choose NOT to do them. Example of things kids do for exercise range from gym class at school (even though this has dropped in many schools around the country), all different types of sports to choose from (basketball, flag football, soccer, t-ball, and baseball to name a few, gymnastics, and dance class are just a few of the many activities that kids can do for exercise. Kids also exercise by riding there bikes, playing at recess, or just playing tag with their friends. The only bad point to mention is too many kids are NOT doing these activities and choosing NOT to move. More schoolwork, more VIDEO games, and the fact that parents are also NOT exercising (why should the kids exercise when the parents aren’t – walk the walk-talk the talk) are a few reasons why kids do not exercise these days.


The research points out that their are MANY BENEFITS of exercise for both adults and for kids. Research has stated that kids who are active (who exercise) will:


Ø  Most likely have a better outlook on life

Ø  Lower the risk of blood pressure and also cholesterol readings

Ø  The risk of getting type 2 diabetes will decrease

Ø  Will have less chance of becoming obese or overweight

Ø  Be leaner (have less body fat)

Ø  Have bones and muscles that are stronger

Ø  Better at handling emotional changes

Ø  Sleep better

When it comes to fitness & exercise for kids, there are many exercises that kids can do that would be similar to what we can do as adults. Just go to any play ground and watch kids. They use the muscles by climbing up things, crossing over the monkey bars, jumping from one ledge to the other (I know, scary to watch), and ducking under things (try ducking and then walking for 10 feet staying low to the ground. This can be a killer for the legs) Kids use their muscle and perform resistance training each day.
They also use their cardiovascular system when they run play games with other kids and run around. Adults know this as endurance running or aerobic activity. Flexibility is part of exercise that kids engage in (think about kids tying their shoes).

The key for parents is to help promote regular activity (exercise) so kids can receive all the benefits that regular physical activity does for them.
If you are in the Dallas, TX area, Get You In Shape is starting the Kids Boot Camp June 8th and will be the perfect chance to introduce your kids to fitness and FUN.


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