January Boot Camp Tips and Info Week #4 -

January Boot Camp Tips and Info Week #4


Jan 23

Coppell Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Tips and Information for Week #4

Last week – With the 4 weeks ending on Friday, we encourage you to push through these last few days before do weights and measurements on Friday.
1. Monday MotivationClick Here to see what we picked this week and be inspired

2. Tip of the week – Trainer McCan helps you get past the plateu. CLICK HERE for this week’s tip of the week.

3. Women of Strength = This Thursday night. There are already 18 ladies signed up for the yoga with a sip. Click Here for info & and sign up.

4. Free Boot Camp Session this Saturday
– for anyone willing to help share their Boot Camp Story with us. More info – CLICK HERE

5. Off-Day Cardio – Click Here for this weeks suggested off-day Cardio

6. Boot Camp T-Shirts – If  you did not get your T-shirt yet (because you have not reached the 9th session), we will bring them all back on Friday and pass the out again to those who have completed at least 9 sessions of the 14 sessions we have offered.

7. PicturesClick Here for the latest Pictures