Is Boot Camp Inside or Outside -

Is Boot Camp Inside or Outside


Nov 13

Is Boot Camp inside or outside?  For those of you that want to know how to dress for your workouts before you head to class, we have decided to let be our decision maker.  If the temperature is 39 degrees and above, we are outside.  Anything below that, we are inside the Coppell Aquatics and Recreation facilities. If you have a smartphone, you can download the weatherchannel app for free and have access to the same information our trainers will use to determine where classes will be held.  For example, if your car says the external temperature is 45 degrees but says it’s 38 degrees, we will be inside. For the classes with two or more trainers, we will offer the option to conduct a class outside for those clients that prefer to be outside AND if there is enough clients interested to warrant a dedicated trainer.  So, do not look for a “flag” indicator by the curb to guide where you should park.  Tune into The Weather Channel (TWC) on your TV or look up the temperature on online or on your smartphone.
Know that they also may be days the Coppell Recreation Center may not be available due to activities they are having or them being closed for any reason. We will communicate with you when we know of any circumstances like this.

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